6 Darkest Secrets of Donald Trump That Nobody Knows

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits a reserve for Przewalski's horses near the Urals city of Orenburg, about 1300 kilometers (800 miles) southeast of Moscow, Russia, Monday, Oct. 3, 2016. (Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

There is no doubt about the fact that Donald Trump is one of the most powerful global leaders who is known and popular for a variety of reasons. He, in the USA, is criticized for some reasons and is appreciated for others, but we all know he is more popular for bizarre stuff.

WheeBuzz has today come up with seven of the darkest secrets that most people in the World do not know. Well, since you should know them, here these secrets are..

6. Donald Trump ran a scam University

Yes, you read it right. The present American President Donald Trump had ran a scam University. However, it was not a University in itself. In fact, it was actually something which had seminars by instructors and the students coming there were just taught how to be rich like Donald Trump. It was actually a plan of scam to earn money from students through expensive packages.

5. He made inappropriate comments about Ivanka, his daughter

This is one thing Donald Trump is quite infamous for. He is often found making unsettling and inappropriate comments about his daughter. In 1997, he said “Don’t you think she’s hot? It would not be wrong to call her voluptuous. It is ok to call her piece of ass”. On another occasion, quite recently, he said of Ivanka were not his daughter, he would date her.

4. Donald paid off an adult entertainment actress to keep quiet

Horrible to digest the fact but it is true. Yes, he once paid off an adult entertainment actress to keep quiet as per Stormy Daniels who said that she and Donald had once a one-night stand and paid off to keep Stormy quiet. However, Trump has denied any of that ever happened.

3. Hillary Clinton was at Donald Trump’s wedding

Well, since they are opponent to each their during the American Presidential election, one would hardly believe the fact that Hillary Clinton was present at his wedding. Claims have been made that Donald Trump had a good friendship with Hillary Clinton that he has invited Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to his wedding with Melania.

2. His past is inked with racism

This point may find its strength as it is in the mind of people due to the image of Donald Trump in public. He was once sued by US Department of justice for his derogatory remarks for blacks. He also said that he hated black accountants. Also, he had made remarks for Mexican immigrants calling them “rapists”. Well this all is quite apparent as a proof to his racism past.

1. Finally the top secret! He got ties with Russia

This is however a debatable issue but this case is in investigation under Robert S Mueller III to determine and investigate the influence of Russia in the American Presidential election. After his bankruptcies, America stopped giving him loan and then Russian banks came into help, this he might have ties with Russian investors.



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