6 Celebs Who Are More Comfortable With Their Appearance

If women do not cover up, is it a problem? You may say no. Yes, wearing bra is not a problem at all, but when you are a global celebrity, then it becomes a media stir, no matter what. Yes, that is right. Today’s article on the site is on the same. In this article, we bring you 6 female celebrities who refused to wear bra. Without wasting much time, here are the celebrities who did not cover up, only on Wheebuzz.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known to trigger controversy out of nowhere, and this is why she always lives in controversy. Kim Kardashian is very comfortable with her body. She also has been very open and frank while being photographed. A number of photos across the internet we have seen regarding the same. In recent days, Kim has been spotted without bra in number of Public events.

Selena Gomez

With headlines such as “Selena forgot her bra again”, most of the people who follow Selena knows that she has been spotted many times without bra by the paparazzi. Being on for he popular music industry girls, she is quite comfortable with her body and is carefree regarding this. Why would you care about something you feel obnoxious? Like this, she is known to handle annoying things with grace.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is one of the most popular and loved female rappers who has broke many records and has been a role model for many young girls, not only in America, but from all around the World. She honestly said in one of the interviews with popular talk show host Ellen Degeneres, that she actually hates wearing bras. This is probably why the female rapper is often spotted without wearing bra. With this confession, Nicki Minaj made it obvious that she does not wear bra until and unless she has to.

Kendell Jenner

Kendel Jenner is a popular model who does not have a problem going out without bra. She is a celebrity who is very comfortable with her body, may be this is why she is the way she is. Belong to the siblings group, Kendell is on of the popular celebs.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the Hollywood female celebrities who is often considered an epitome of women empowerment. A number of magazines and interviews have been dedicated to only this part of Jennifer. Like others in the list, Jennifer is also absolutely comfortable with her body. She has often been spotted without bra but like they say, when you are an celeb with International fan-following, even your breathing becomes news. Anyway, congratulations to Jennifer who is recently engaged to art gallery director Cooke Maroney.

Miranda Kerr

If someone has dealt with bra all her life, you can definitely expect her to hate it‌, for sure. Miranda Kerr is an American model who climbed much heights of success and is quite comfortable with her body. She does not want to wear bras, as she has been spotted a number of times as well.


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