6 Biggest Human Mysteries Of All Time!!

Humankind has always been wondering about the biggest of mysteries of the world. Mysteries still unsolved make the article of the day. Truth is stranger than fiction, and probably this is why mysteries are thrilling and interesting. WheeBuzz has deeply dug into the pages of history and brought out these stories. Check out these.

Sailing stones

Death Valley is infamous for a number of reasons, including this one. In Racetrack Playa, the feature of ‘sailing stone is observed’. The mystery behind it has not been solved yet. Several scientists claim the local reasons such as wind and ice turn it so, but these are weak arguments in favour of the same. The stones mysteriously sail, and nobody knows the reason behind it. What makes it even more thrilling and confusing is that the stones abruptly changes their path.


Bigfoot remains a mystery ever since the first such thing came into light. Sightings have been appeared in the American Northwest and near. Modern scientific studies and scientists have, however, rejected the theory behind presence of any such thing calling them hoax. But there are several who feel pretty sure about it. Several theories emerged to explain their presence but no one has ever explained this phenomenon entirely with proof.


The mystery of Mothman delved deep when the legendary creature was seen second time also, making it more of a reality than just assumption as few people had thought. First time, it was seen in November 15 1966, and the next time, it was seen on December 15, 1967. Some say that both the appearances were connected somehow. In real sense, nobody knows what exactly that was. Biologists have given the theory that they were probably migrated, this is why were seen.

Babushka Lady

The mystery of Babushka Lady is one of the greatest human mysteries in America. During John F Kennedy’s assassination, this lady was found taking photographs. No one knows who this lady is, where she came from and where she went. American investigation Agency FBI tried every bit but proved unsuccessful. Her taking photographs somehow creates doubt about her connection in the assassination anyhow.

Jack the Ripper

In eighteenth century, there was a serial killer case came out in the city of London. Mostly, his victims were the prostitutes of the city and the killing were gruesome. Jack the Ripper was never caught, nor his real name or identity has been revealed. Along with the modern police methods also, nobody knows anything about him. The World is unknown about his real identity.

The mystery of Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa was an American labour leader whose murder mystery is still unsolved. After his release from a United States prison, he was due to meet some mafia leader, as reports say, but surprisingly he was never heard of again. Speculations were made that someone shot and buried him in Giant Stadium. But when that part of the stadium was dug out, nothing was found. Till the day, nobody can tell what happened to him.

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