6 Best Tips To Make Awesome Conversation With Strangers

Making conversation with strangers is really awesome. It is one of the most probable things that most people struggle with. Like, imagine you are talking to a beautiful girl, flirting and making her laugh, or like, imagine you are talking to a bunch of random people in a new city and you own the night… doesn’t happen in real, right? How about they come real to you? Yes, that is right. Today we present you 6 infallible tips to make conversation with strangers. Check them only on Wheebuzz.

Note: Like someone is stranger to you, you are stranger to them. And always remember, human are social species, we DO wanna talk to new people.

1. Begin With Something Common At The Moment

We see elder stranger people talking to each other about weather or govt working, and it always works, isn’t it? Yes, that is the key. This is the beginning. If you are with a stranger, no matter what place you are at, find a topic which is common to you and stranger, at the moment. Like, if you are in a restaurant, you can talk about its services, if you are at airport, you can talk about delay of flights, if you are on a historical place, talk about it, and so on and so fourth. Also, if you go ahead or quit the conversation, you will realise at this stage only.

Note: since you are new to the person, avoid getting very intimate. Just normal things is advisable.

2. Ask About Them, Like Their Profession And All

Once you have done enough of common talking, jump to the arena of knowing them. This is the second step, which is very easy when you have handled the first one nicely. Like, love talking about your job once you get familiar with the person, unless you are in secret service. Let them tell about your job, tell about yours, and the questions and talking points will arise from them only. It is a pretty enjoyable process.

3. Make a Funny Comment, Make Them Laugh

If you want to make your conversation good, follow rest five points, but if you want to make it healthy and memorable, then this is an NOT to miss point. Marilyn Monroe said “If you can make a women laugh, you can make her do anything”. I can’t tell you what exactly you have to say, because that primarily and entirely depends on the conversation. Not matter what, a conversation without funny comments isn’t what is called a conversation. If your want to come closer to someone, use your wit. If you are a boy talking to a girl, then don’t you dare to forget this step. But, don’t push yourself unnecessary, like bad humour literally shatters further possibility.

4. Ask Questions That Don’t Have a One-word Answer

You see, conversation is in itself an art, consisting of several sub-arts. But, trust me on this, this is very much achievable. Like don’t ask a question which have yes or no answer. You can ask their opinion about something, you can ask for opinion. Also, try to ask relevant follow-up questions. Well, the truth is that everything will fall into place while you were having a good conversation. You mind will automatically serve you questions to ask.

5. React To What The Person Says

It is important to not just say things to make your presence worth enjoying, but it is equally important to make the other person know your are interested as well. How do you do that? Just by reacting to what the person says. But, this must be relevant. Like, you can’t react wow on someone’s bad day experience. Try to react in a positive manner, that would help.

6. Discover Their Core Self

If you want to make someone your true, close or really good friend, then this point is for you. Discover their passion, their interests, like discover the kind of person. It is a very important point. Just do this, and rest all will be good.

Few things you need to remember:

  • Don’t fear what the stranger will think.
  • Quit thinking about the outcome, because the worst that can happen to you is that the stranger will not talking. Yes, that’s the situation before you start talking as well. So you have nothing to lose.
  • Present yourself well. Smile, but it shouldn’t be fake.



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