6 Awesome Christmas destinations, the celebration will make you feel like heaven

Christmas is around the corner, and we all have been waiting for the glimpses of one of the most promising festival celebrations in the World. Today we have a list of 6 really wonderful Christmas destinations in the World. The beauty of the festival lies into celebration, and these places will make you feel like heaven.

New York, USA

New York is one of the coolest destinations in the World, known for several enticing milestones and now at Christmas it enshrines a world of exotic and beautiful Christmas celebration.

Be it the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, Central Park or the Union Square Holiday market, New York celebrates the Christmas to remember.

Vienna, Austria

We all know that Europe is the land of wonders. It has some really exotic places. One such city is Vienna in Austria, which is renowned as the capital of beauty. Christmas is the most awaited festival of the year and here in Vienna you just never want to miss the essence of the same.

The Belvedere Palace surrounded by lake, the lights on the Graben and Karnther Strabe and the iconic Christmas market are never to miss during Christmas.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a major tourist attraction in the world. It is an eternal City popular for other gracious things as well, than football. Christmas in Barcelona is an elegant experience and the Christmas weather is absolutely favourable in the city.

Christmas Lights & trees, markets, food and sports events are a major highlight, making anybody’s experience everlasting.

Bath, England

A yet another European city in the list and a very deserving one. Bath is a beautiful city in England known for its Christmas celebration. The city cherishes the Christmas spirit, the package includes a series of events such as bath on ice, Christmas shopping Victorian Carousel etc.

Quebec city, Canada

Quebec City is known as a European like town in North America. Christmas is a mesmerising time in the Canadian city.

Illuminating lights, sparkling roads with a romantic environment is probably the most peaceful thing during Christmas celebration in Quebec City. The Quebec streets will make you feel really calm and beautiful as you can feel the Christmas and holiday spirit.

Santa Claus village, Lapland, Finland

As the name suggests, this village can be called the true home of Christmas and santa claus. A winter environment, the santa claus and an indescribable Christmas setting, the Finland village rules the Arctic beauty in Christmas.

Also, there are various hotels and shops themed as per the Christmas. The Lapland Santa is a major attraction of Christmas. You are definitely missing a lot of you haven’t celebrated Christmas there.

Las Vegas, USA

We all know that Las Vegas is known as the fun capital of the world. Las Vegas is deemed as the city of entertainment, it knows how to celebrate Christmas and life. The famous fountains, Christmas setting in the city, and the festive spirit is a shining part of Las Vegas.

You surely miss Las Vegas when you come back, although the Christmas notes the beauty and essence ten times the normal one.

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