6 amazing hacks to control 6 great emotions that you will love if you love art!!

There are so many ways that people adopt for calming themselves in various situations, like some people like to hear music and some love to eat. Same as those ways, Art is something that can also use for channeling your emotions in a correct way. Apart from this, Art can do wonders but for that, you have to know about it. Well, you don’t have to be an artist, your love for art is enough here. As you know, we live in a world where we face thousand of emotions daily, it’s hard to control everything on your own and you can’t even let it go. Sometimes, these emotions affect you, and your decisions. Sometimes, you just need something that can help you to know you better, to know what exactly your emotions want.

#1 Feeling Sad then paint a rainbow

Well, the psychology says that bright colors can actually change your mood.  Dark colors represent the sadness, and bright colors represent the happy side of you. Rainbow is a perfect balance of bright colors and dark colors, drawing a rainbow helps your mind to focus on bright side of situations which helps you in feeling good.

#2 Are you scared? Then start knitting

Knitting is the best way to feel you secure and calm during your hard phases. You don’t have to be the master, but at least you can try with small knitting sections. Experts says, knitting gives an weird sense of controlling and undoing mistakes as well as boost up for try again. It helps your mind to calm down and to think better.

#3 No idea about what to decide? Then draw waves and circle

There are so many cases where you need to take a big decision, but you are too confused for that. Also, the fear of taking wrong decision also holds you back. So next time when you are going through same phase, grab a sheet and draw waves and circles.

#4  Feeling unproductive? Draw spirals

It’s impossible to be productive always, there are lots of situations where we feel dull and good for nothing. Well, at this phase it’s important to stay focus at something and for that you can draw spirals that help your brain to stay focus and unlock the productive as well as creative side of yours.

#5 If you are exhausted? Then draw flowers

At some point in our life we feel too tired for anything, and there are chances that you might turn up as lazy here.  If you don’t want that, then drawing flowers help you to clear your mind and think better. Also it helps  in boosting up and reenergizing your brain cells that turn you active.

#6 Are you tense? Draw weird patterns

Maybe lots of people do this thing when they feel worried about something or someone. Drawing weird patterns block any kind of negative thought to enter inside your head and also it boost up your happy hormones level which helps in relaxing.

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