5 Worth Visiting Island Countries

Islands are one thing that will cheer you up every time you visit not matter what. First of all, the fact that islands exists is a big one in itself. We all know that Greenland is the largest island in the world, but do we know which are the most beautiful ones? Most of you do not, probably. This is why we have come up with something that you may feel awesome about. Today, we presents you 6 of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Sri Lanka

You may feel surprised to see this name in the lair but Sri Lanka is really one of the most beautiful islands in the World. I think, it is quite underrated as a continent. Sri Lanka is a sovereign Island country, located in the Southern part of Asia. One of the travel bloggers have termed it as ‘God’s island’. So, this is why, if you are planning to have a trip to some island, Sri Lanka is probably one of the best options for you, catering you beauty with the peace.


Probably the most cliché yet one of the most favourite choices of people for holidays and vacations. Maldives is another South Asian Island country that attracts a really huge crowd from all around the World. Keeping dreams apart, Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It’s beauty can be understood by the way that we see a number of Maldives photos as wallpapers.


If you have visited Maldives, you just need to come a bit more closer, and kudos! Here is Mauritius. Mauritius is another island country. It is located in African continent, but surrounded by the Indian ocean. If you have visited Mauritius, then no wonder you know here the trees natural things that rule are beaches, reefs and lagoons. And in human aspect, what it brings are fun, enjoyment and adorable memories. So, next time don’t you dare to not consider Mauritius, if you have not already visited this wonderful place.


Singapore is also an island country who is renowned for its cleanliness, nature, development and HDI. In terms of Human Development Index, it is the ninth most developed country in the world. One of the global economic hub, Singapore is a never-to-miss kind of place. According to a n international survey, Singapore is one of the countries where you can see modern values of liberty and equality. I would definitely wonder if still you would not love to come to Singapore.


The capital of Philippines Manila is one of the most developed cities in Asia. It attracts a tremendous crowd globally every year. Some more reasons are there to visit Philippines. One of the things that a visitor always miss after going back to home country, is the Philippines culture and food which makes it stand out from other places in the world. Boracay, Chocolate hills and Panglao island are few of the major tourist attraction in Philippines. Located in south eastern part of Asia, this country is worth visiting.



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