5 super unbelievable prison escapes ever

Prison break is one of the rare things to see. Some of the prisoners have gone to an extreme way to get out of prison. Today we bring you 6 of the smartest prisoners who went on to record unbelievable prison breaks of all time.

John Dillinger

John Dillinger was a American gangster. Known as one of the notorious bank robbers of all time, he had a life dedicated to crime. He made a gang called Terror gang who went on to rob banks and even police stations. He was caught up and put in Lake county Jail in crown point, Indiana which was considered a ‘escape proof’ jail, in January 1934. On march 3, 1934, he made a fake gun (maybe with wood) and polished it with shoe polish and escaped from the Jail. What happened on March 3, 1934 is an open debate. However he was shot dead by FBI next year.

Frank Lee Morris & John and Clarence Anglin

Alcatraz was considered as an impossible prison to break because it is a rock in the San Francisco bay. In 1962, three men Frank Lee Morris & John and Clarence Anglin devised an ingenious plan to escape.

For a year they kept digging a tunnel in adjacent walls, leading them into an unused service corridor. After that they made a raft out of raincoats and after filling the raft with air, they left Alcatraz around 10 PM. To avoid suspicion, they even made fake heads out of hair, soap and toilet paper.

They three were never found or heard about from anyone again. FBI investigated for 17 years before declaring that the three men were likely drowned that night.

Frank Abagnale

Must be a familiar term for most of the people as Leonardo DiCaprio played him in Catch me if you can. Frank Abagnale was a real con artist. In 1971, prisons were condemned for civil rights groups and inspected by some committees. In 1971, when US Marshal forgot his detention commitment papers upon arrival to the facility, Frank somehow managed to convince gaurds that he was an undercover inspector. He had built a fake alibi and told the gaurds that he needs to get connected with FBI.

He, as planned walked out of the prison being an inspector. Needless to say, the gaurds never saw once Abagnale came out of prison.

Richard Matt & David Sweat

Next in the list is the notorious case of Richard Matt & David Sweat escape. They were two escapees from New York prison who escaped in the same style as Andy Dufrene in The Shawshank redemption. The two made their way through tunnels. It was found out in morning that they had ran away. But, unlike the movie their freedom didn’t last long as Richard Matt was shot dead and David Sweat was recaptured again.

Maze Prison Escape

In September 1983, 38 Irish Republic Army (IRA) prisoners escaped from HM Prison Maze. The prison was considered as one of the escape proof prisons in Europe. 38 prisoners of IRA escaped from H-Block 7 of the prison. This incident is considered as the biggest ever prison break with 38 prisoners. The event marked as a failure to Irish legal system. However the escape was a propaganda coup.


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