5 Sports and Their Mother Countries

Many often wonder where some of the sports originated from. This is quite a common thing people want to know. So here we are, with this article. Here you will know about the mother countries of some of the most widely popular sports. Some of them can surely give you great surprise as you might have not thought about it before. Well, here it is. Okay so without wasting much more of your time, Let us check these five sports and there originating countries. Read the whole article only on Wheebuzz.


In 1895, William G. Morgan, a YMCA physical educator Director in Massachusetts, USA created a new game Mintonette. Basketball had been invented till that time. Mintonette was designed to be less rugged than Basketball. In its first exhibition in the year 1896, the name of this sports changed to Volleyball because of the volleying nature of it. International Volleyball Federation (English) or Fédération Internationale de Volleyball is the governing body of Volleyball.


Tennis is considered to be originated in France in the twelfth century as per what Historians believe. Louis X was interested in the ‘Game of the palm’ or jeu de paume (in French) which later transformed into the modern day Tennis. This makes Tennis one of the oldest sports in the World. We all know about Tennis legends such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams etc. International Tennis Federation is the governing body.


Cricket is a popular sport, not a globally popular though, but certainly very popular in South Asian countries as well as countries like England, Australia, Carribbean nations. The mother of Cricket is England and it is considered that the first ever cricket game was played in the sixteenth century and ever since then, the game has been expanded with the British Empire in different countries. ICC (International Cricket Council) is the governing body of Cricket, headquartered in Dubai. Some of the popular Cricketers that World knows are Donald Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar etc.


One of the most widely popular sports of the time, football finds its origins in China. FIFA says, the game ‘cuju’ played in China is the earliest form of Football. Having its origins in the 3rd century BC, this game is one of the oldest in the World. FIFA (Fédéraration Internationale de Football), founded in Paris and headquartered in Paris is the highest governing body. And, who doesn’t know about Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Pele etc?


Basketball is a very popular sport. But do you know the origins of the fame? Probably not. The credit of inventing Basketball is Dr. James Naismith who was a physical education professor in a School in Massachusetts, United States. The story is that on one of the rainy days, he was trying to still keep up exercising of students, and came up with a game which was a good blend of exercise as well as athletic skills. He wrote down several rules for it as well. Later, this sport transformed into modern-day Basketball.



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