5 signs with the 5 secrets that can reveal you got a ‘REINCARNATED’ life!!

So do you believe in Past life? Well, if you don’t then you really need to know these signs that can tell you about the real truth.  According to Philosophist, we have only one life to live and we should fulfill whatever we desired in this life but there are some people who believe that we actually live lots of life, we pass from one life to another however sometime we can’t forget our past life memory completely and that’s why we got some flashbacks in different forms that connect us with our reincarnated life.

Well, the question is nobody knew who is wrong and who is right, however, some theories might prove correct.  But we all know that at some point in our life we go through some dreams, signs, or maybe anything that leaves us in shock and sometimes we just wonder that what was that!  So, scroll down and find your sign maybe you will find the right answer to your unspoken question!!

#1 Frequent Déjà vu

Everyone knew what is Déjà vu, it’s a moment where you feel that you had experienced this feeling before. However, there is a different meaning if you are facing lots of Déjà vu, it can also be a sign that you had been in the same situation in your past life and the moment you are facing now is switching you to your previous experience.

#2 Unexplainable phobias and Fear

Sometimes we developed some phobia which has no explanation, however sometimes it can be extremely normal but sometimes your phobias can tell you the secret behind your past life. For example, you feared of height but you never did anything that can develop this fear to you, then maybe you did something in your past life that makes you fear from a height.

#3 Phantom Pains

Did you ever felt strange pains in your body? And even after checkups, you can’t find anything? Well, there are some people who believe that you carry your previous life pains with yourself.  These Phantom pains you feel. it can be a sign of your previous life even if you are not in the same body.

#4 Memories that have no connection

Do you see something or recall someone which has no connection with your life? These out of space memories also help you to understand your past life. But maybe it can be just an imagination or simple fantasy, but still, don’t ignore this sign it you are going through the same thing again and again.

#5 Older than your real age

Some of us are young but sometimes we feel old from our soul, It is also known as the Matured soul which can connect yourself with your past life experience and knowledge and let you think more better about something than any other people can do. It also tells that your soul is developing itself by every passing life; however, this theory is proven right by Soul Age theory.



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