5 richest Youtubers in the World. Pewdiepie not in the list

YouTube has been becoming something more than just a way of entertainment. It is today a full time business for a lot of people around the globe. Some of them turn out or be the richest Youtubers and sometimes, the most popular entertainers in the world. Today, Wheebuzz has presented you the list of five of the richest Youtubers in the World. Surprising part is, Pewdiepie, one of the globally popular YouTuber is not in the list anymore. So here we go with the list showcasing the five richest YouTubers in the World. Check the whole list only on Wheebuzz.

5. Logon Paul – USD $12.5 million

Fifth on the list is the American Internet personality Logon Paul. Also quite popular for his hairstyle, Logon Paul has got a whopping 19 million subscribers on YouTube. His Vlogs are immensely popular on YouTube. Apart from a YouTuber, Logon Paul is also an Actor, Musician and Director. He is the fifth highest paid YouTubers of this time.

4. Mark Fischback (Markiplier) – USD $12.5m

If you do not know about him, then there could probably be only one reason that you do not like playing games. Mark Fischback is a YouTubers from America. Known online as ‘Markiplier’, Mark Fischback is one of the highest paid YouTubers of all time, making his place on the fourth position in the list. He has 24 million subscribers on YouTube which is just tremendous.

3. Dude Perfect – USD $14 million

This is a comedy group. The much heard about YouTube channel Dude Perfect has got 44 million subscribers on YouTube which makes this channel really classy and worldwide. It is one of the most popular channels in the World. Dude Perfect was founded by Tyler Tony, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Cody Jones and Garret Hilbert. The YouTube channels has been nominated for several awards and accolades such as Shorty Award for best Youtube ensemble etc.

2. Evan Fong – USD $15.5 million

Though his subscribers are lesser than Dude Perfect who has got 44 m subs, but Evan is richer than Dude Perfect. Evan has 24 million subscribers. He is a Canadian YouTube personality who is currently known as the second richest Youtuber of this time. Truly commendable, isn’t it? Known online with the name VanossGaming, Evan Fong makes video about gaming. Evan is also associated with a TV show called Paranormal Action Squad which is a Web Television series.

1. Daniel Middleton – USD $16.5 million

Taking the first position on our list of highest paid YouTubers is the British internet personality Daniel Middleton. Not just a YouTuber, he is also an author. His channel is named DanTDM and having 21 million subscribers but again, he is richer than the ones whose channel has more subs than him. Actually that depends on the ad cost in different countries. He is quite popular for covering Minecraft, a game. He is a professional gamer as well. Currently, Daniel Middleton is the richest YouTuber in the World.



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