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5 Really Unbelievable Celebrity Transformations

Today’s article is dedicated to the transformations of celebrity, which are really insane and incredible. Not a very common sight to see, these transformations are real. Today, you are going to know something very surprising. So, without wasting more time, check these five really unbelievable and incredible celeb transformations only on WheeBuzz.

Heidi Montag

She is an TV personality from US. She is also a fashion designer, author and singer. Heidi Montag spent more than 30 thousand United States Dollar on her plastic surgery. She had ten procedures done in just one single day. Well, she seems to be happier now, as she herself cleared it. Her surgery is said to be successful. She had also done her chest shaped which made her overall look even different and beautiful.

Nicki Minaj,152137.0.html

Nicki Minaj is today one of the most popular rappers in the world of music industry. She is also one of the most beautiful body types according to some people. Well, today what you see the rapper is a change with a number of procedures followed. If you see the photographs of Nicki Minaj before she was successful and of now, you would definitely figure out a tremendous difference in the face itself. She has had skin lightening procedures, lip injections and nose job, and others. Well, if we talk about the money spent on this all, then it is speculated to be more than eleven thousand US dollar for her procedures.

Pete Burns

Pete Burns was an English singer and songwriter from England. His case of plastic surgery is one of the most notorious and uncommon. Pete was also a television personality. He invested a huge sum of money in plastic surgery after his lip infection, but ended up wasting most of his money. He even sued one of the plastic surgeons of his. Insane and incredible results of plastic surgery of Pete led this case into light. Pete Burns took his last breath in the year 2016.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is one of the most popular as well as attractive personalities in the Hollywood film industry, and there is no doubt about it. But, do you know that she had also done few things with her face? Though, some of the people keep saying that Megan looked more attractive before she had her procedures done, but the newer look of Megan is no less adorable and beautiful. She had work done with her chest, nose, lips and cheeks. Total amount speculated to have been spent on her procedures is more than eight thousand dollars.

Melissa McCarthy

If I am to truly introduce you to her, she is a Mike & Molly star who has gone a huge change in weight loss, dragging her into limelight for the same. She had lost almost 50 pounds according to an estimation in the year 2005, became a big news of that showbiz calendar. In a interview she had accepted that she used to cry when she was young about her weight and why she wasn’t any thinner. But finally she had achieved the target, must be very happy and inspirational moment for many.



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