5 Really Twisted Riddles! See If You Can Solve Them

I think we all love solving riddles, right? It is not just a way to come out of boredom but often it turns to life changing situations. Guess what, most intelligence agencies recruit people who can solve such riddles. So, this article will at least ensure you a job in one lol.

WheeBuzz brings you a list of 7 notorious riddles that may or may not put you in insane fun whole solving.

Let us see them and try to solve them.

1. Secret Password

Okay so the first in the list is this.

There is a guy who wanted to get entry in a private club but it requires a password that the guy doesn’t know. Let’s name him John. So he steps aside and kept standing trying to find out the password. A girl comes in, the bouncer says TWELVE, the girl replies SIX, and the bouncer let her in. Then a guy comes in, the bouncer says SIX, that guy replies THREE, and the bouncer let him in. Now John assumes he knows the password, he tries to enter and the bouncer says TEN, John replies FIVE, but bouncers denies him entry. Solve why? Don’t scroll down.

(Actually the password depends on not the half of the number said by Bouncer. The password actually is the number of digits in a number, this John had to say 3, as TEN has three digits)

2. A mugging?

This one is awesome and easy.

A man comes in police station and want to register a complaint against someone. He told the following story to the police officer.

The police officer noticed a cut (seemed fresh) on man’s face. He asked if that was from the attack, the man replied “Yes, the murderer was wearing a silver ring on his left hand”

Police officer immediately came to know that the man is lying. Tell why, you have 10 seconds.

(Man, in his story told that that attacker was wearing black mask, black clothes and even black gloves, then how come the man knew his ring was of silver or gold or anything)

3. A life or death decision

Life is precious and death is certain. And the next riddle is about that only.

Matt wants to go into a building which is dark and horrifying. He enters there but soon realised to come out of it. The problem is that the door are four and if Matt opens the first door he would face hungry sharks tank. If he opens second, he would face a severely harmful gas that can kill humans in seconds. If he opens third, Matt would be there in inescapable well full of water. If John opens fourth, there is a serial killer who brutally killed 100 people in 1918 only.

Which door should he choose?

The answer is in the pic below

4. Find the odd one out

Well, this is beautiful and has hardly been solved by anyone till now. Okay so you need from find the odd one out of the following.

But hey, the answer is one. Do you know why?

5. Who is the mother?

One of the riddles that is required to pass the FBI special agent test. Anyway, on the basis of the above image, try to find out who is the mother of the child. Study well.

The answer is the left one because look at her legs, her position seems protective towards child. Also, a child plays happily while facing his or her mother, it’s natural.

Source : Bright Side



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