5 Really Creepy And Disturbing Stories

Unfortunately sometimes we come across stories that haunt our minds for days or weeks. WheeBuzz has today brought out an article on 5 disturbing stories. Yes, disturbing stories, I said, those which can somehow disturb you or may even scare you in a way, so read at your own risk. They rightly say that a creepy true story is stranger than fiction.

Following are the creepy and disturbing stories, present to you by Wheebuzz.

Finger found in sandwich

This is a very creepy story. The case is of 2012 when a boy found a part of finger inside the sandwich. The boy did not know so he bit a piece of it. Later it was found out that the finger was of a female employee who accidently sliced her finger and did not tell anybody about it.

Strange Elisa Lam case

The story can be even more terrifying than any fiction. One fine day, Hotel Cecil guests complained about the weird taste of water. Later, it was discovered that a dead body of a girl named Elisa Lam found in the water tank. In first instance, it was investigated and officials said that it was a suicide.

Now, here comes the strange part in the story. While officials said that this was suicide, lift camera showed some really mindboggling footage of the day Elisa was killed.

Elisa was behaving incredibly strangely as she was hiding from someone. The mystery has not been solved yet. Really strange, weird and terrifying story it is.

The Black Doodler

During 1970s a creepy and disturbing case came out. A serial killer in 1970s in San Francisco stalked the city’s gay community, that too, with a Calling card. He would make his victim’s portrait at bar. The moment he had them alone, he would stab the victims to death. Nobody knows about the man ever since, as he hasn’t been caught yet in 2018. Police claims his last victim was dead in 1975.

The psych twin sisters

June Gibbons and Jennifer Gibbons were two sisters, that too, twins. They were nicknamed as ‘Silent twins’. Welcome to another strange story.

Both started cutting from the whole world, from relatives family and everything. Their isolation can be understood with the fact that they even developed their own language that nobody understood. Soon they indulged into crime. For 11 years, they were detained by a psychiatric hospital. Both had said that one of them needed to be died in order to make the other one survive. After they released from the psychiatric hospital, Jennifer Gibbons died.

Mary Celeste story

This is one of strangest and weirdest stories. On 7 November 1872, a ship named Mary Celeste from New York harbor to Italy. The ship carried the captain, his wife, a 2-years old daughter, and 8 crew members. After almost a month, that is, on 5 December, a British ship named Dei Gratia spotted the ship without any of the persons who started to sail. The ship saw no signs of struggle, and was found with a 6 months of food and water. Even after 150 years of this incident, nobody knows what had happened to Mary Celeste.



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