5 Most Thought-provoking Quotes by Pablo Picasso

One of the biggest Spanish names Pablo Picasso is known as an Painter, Sculptor, ceramicist, Printmaker, Stage designer, playwright and poet. Such a heck of a talent in a man, right? He is known as a master in his art. Though he was an Spanish, but he spent most of his adult time in France. Today we have come up with the most precious lessons from Pablo Picasso. These are the most thought-provoking quotes from him. If you are a Picasso fan, then it is quite well and good, if you are not, these quotes are going to make you one, for sure. Following are the most thought-provoking quotes by Pablo Picasso. Check the whole article only on Wheebuzz.

Everything you can imagine is real

You may say he was a genius painter so imagining is a day-to-day practice for his and this is why he says what you can imagine is real. But, this is really true. Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. So everything you can imagine is real, has a deep underpinning, a deep understanding.

Action is the foundation key to all success

Pablo Picasso is one of the most respected and admired names when it comes to artistry. Such a man says something great in this quote. This is something powerful as a quote. All the success begins with your action. I see a lot of people only thinking about and wishing for success. Well, that is not the way to get it. You must add on the action, rather let actions be the fundamentals of success.

Good artists copy, great artists steal

If you do not know what Pablo Picasso wants to say by this quote, it is okay. It has a bit thought-provoking. Pablo was a genius. Let me prove it to you. If you are good as an artist, then you will copy of some magnificent stuff, and that is okay, the traits of good artist. But if you are great artist, you will steal the stuff. You would see the thing nobody could see it, and make it your own by adding your colour of imagination. This is what stealing in artistry is. Pablo Picasso was more than good, or even great, he was someone else.

Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.

Gosh! This is my most favourite quote for a number of reasons. This real provokes me to think. What Pablo says is that Inspiration categorically exists, but you must be on your desk or whatever you are doing. This is important. He reminds us that an idea can strike us at any point of time, and you must be working in order to mark it.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life


Not just art, whatever you do, whatever you love doing, you should do it. Because this is what keeps us surviving in this world. It washes away the dust of everyday life, as Picasso says. So, find ways to be happy, find something that you are really Passion about, because that is your true calling.



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