5 Most exotic cities in the World

There is a huge contribution of some of the cities making this world all amazing and exotic. Yes, that is right. Today we have something awesome for all of you, especially those who love travelling and visiting new places. The list consists of some of the most exotic cities on the planet that will make you go mesmerized. So, without taking much of your time, here are the most exotic cities in the World. Check the whole list only on Wheebuzz.

Fez, Morocco

Fez is a city in Morocco which is fancy and full of architecture at the same time. This is the second largest city in the country and is often dubbed as the “Athens of Africa” and “Mecca of the West”. Quite adorable the city is, having UNESCO World Heritage site as well named Fes el Bali. Also known for the popular University of Al Quaraouiyine which is the oldest functioning University in the World (founded in 859), the city is a wonderful place to visit.


Bangkok is one of the fun capitals of the World. Located in South-East Asia, this city is known for its fun as well as economic prosperity. Because of sacred culture and traditions, this city attracts tourists from all around the World. Bangkok is quite popular for its street life and shrines. Shopping experience is also awesome. Also, Royal Palaces, Museums, temples etc make Bangkok one of the most exotic cities on the planet. If you haven’t visited the city, what are you waiting for?


Frankfurt in Germany is popularly known as the shopping hub of Europe. Frankfurt is a beautiful city which attracts tourists not only from Europe, but from the whole World.. According to Planetware, Frankfurt is one of the 12 most rated cities in the world. If you ever visit Germany, don’t you forget about Frankfurt as a city to visit. However, the country also has beautiful cities such as Munich and Zurich.


Calgary is a city in Canada which according to, the cleanest city on the planet. This adds up to a reason why you want to visit Calgary. The city is known for its economic prosperity as well as beautiful skyscrapers. Due to its rapid growth, the city is considered one of the most prominent cities of North America.


How can anyone forget to mention Singapore in a list consisting smartest, most exotic or most beautiful cities? Singapore is one of the most popular and economical stable cities on the planet. Also known as global financial capital, Singapore is arguably the best city for the people who love travelling, the people who deal in business and the people who love to just explore because the city caters a wide range of fun, entertainment, peace and love. The city is one of the most powerful by economic indices, and if this is not enough reason for you to visit the city, check Merlion which you can not afford to not go and visit.



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