5 Hottest Wives And Girlfriends of WWE Superstars

When a person is WWE superstar, earning a huge amount of money and fame, then you can expect them to have hot wives as well. Today, we have come up with the sexiest wives of World Wide Entertainment superstars. Some of the females in the list are wrestlers themselves, while other keep a distance from this and do something else. All in all, they make a lovely and hot pair. Check out the five most beautiful and hottest wives of wrestlers only on Wheebuzz.

Sable (Brock Lesner’s wife)

Now when she has retired, she looks equally hot and beautiful. Sable is Brock Lesner’s wife who is now a retired wrestler. Taking her introduction forward, she is also a model and actress who is known for her badass attitude during the time when she was an American professional female wrestler. Now, when she has retired the World Wide Entertainment, her millions of fans and lovers miss her.

Brie Bella (Daniel Brian’s wife)

Daniel Brian’s wife is one of the hottest wife and there is no doubt about it. Brie Bella has a twin sister named Nicki Bella who is the girlfriend of handsome WWE superstar John Cena. Together, Nicki and Brie both appear as ‘The belle sisters’. Well, we must say that Daniel Brian is lucky for two things. One, he is having a successful career at world wide entertainment. Secondly, he has got one of the most adorable wives.

Nicki Bella (John Cena’s girlfriend)

A yet another Bella in the list which makes the list even more hot. Nicki Bella, as mentioned earlier, is the sister of Daniel Brian’s wife and popular wrestler Brie Bella. Nicki Bella is hot as hell. The couple John Cena and Nicki Bella is often considered as the hottest and most adorable pair in the whole World Wide Entertainment. When the pair seems in television or reality shows, it becomes a hot topic of the day. That is when you realise that Nicki Bella is a superhot girl. Well, it would not be wrong to say that John Cena is one of the oldest and most popular WWE stars, and Nicki Bella is equally lucky to have him.

Renee Young (Dean Ambrose’s wife)

Dean Ambrose is an American professional WWE superstar who married this hot lady Renee Young in the year 2017. Ever since then, their relationship has been a matter of public talking. Recieving much attention from public made this couple a popular one. Renee Young is a presenter who is natively from Canada, and is currently working as commentator of RAW. Isn’t she looking sexy in this pic?

AJ Lee (CM Punk’s wife)

AJ Lee is a very cute girl and CM Punk is lucky enough to have the girl. She is an American writer and former wrestler. CM Punk and AJ Lee have been together since the year 2014. Known for her goofy style and unique appeal, AJ Lee is undoubtedly known as one of the hottest female wrestlers in World Wide Entertainment. She is also the hottest wife of a WWE star.



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