5 Guaranteed Ways That Will Make Your Android Run Faster

A brand new android phone will perform at such an impressive speed at first, that you’d think that no other phone can match its performing speed. However, even if your phone consists of an octa-core processor, it still faces the possibility of becoming slow, over time. There are many factors behind the performance decline factor in your phone such as the numerous apps constantly operating and updating, thereby using up valuable phone resources and memory space.

So to deal with such problems and regain your phone’s initial performance speed, WheeBuzz brings you some good pointers.

1. Reset the Phone

Your phone specifications may be fantastic. But in the face of technical malfunctions or when your phone starts hanging during specific tasks, you know something’s wrong.  In such a situation don’t tamper with your phone and simply reset the factory settings. This will bring your phone back to normal and it will also improve the android’s speed.

This is a safe move to diagnose even the most complicated issues and resolve misconfiguration problems within your device’s settings. Although your device’s performance speed improves significantly, your phone’s initial set-up, valuable data, application licenses and downloaded apps will all be lost in the process.

Make sure you keep backups of all of these in your external storage card.

2. Remove Unimportant Widgets and Excessive Files on Your Homescreen

Recently downloaded application shortcuts, cool home screen wallpapers and the numerous widgets on your home screen tend to decrease your android’s speed and occupy a lot of memory space.

Consider removing such unnecessary application shortcuts and useless widgets whose original already exists within the menu of your phone. Also, one or two home pages should suffice, instead of four or five, even though your phone may provide that facility. A clear home screen will not only increase your system’s speed but also the memory since now the space occupied by those unnecessary features is now vacant.

3. Don’t keep Unused Apps in Your Phone

Android users have a habit of constantly downloading all the latest apps just to keep up with a modern sense of style. This stockpiling of apps can put a severe load on both speed and storage capacity of your android system. Every device has a limit to how much it can support and androids are no exceptions. Plus while downloading apps several cached files get downloaded in the process too.

There isn’t any problem with downloading new apps. However, the old ones that no are no longer needed or useful should be deleted to create space for the new ones. This takes the load of your system, thus enabling your device to perform at a much faster and smoother pace, with enough memory to spare.

4. Phone Memory can be spared by using Cloud Storage

Mid-range android models have a maximum internal storage capacity of 8-16 GB, unlike the premium models that have huge internal storage. Apps take up most of your phones internal storage. The rest is occupied by the videos, images and songs you save within your phone.×600.jpg

An alternative method for storing your media files and other documents is to save them online on Google drive or photos. This method called cloud storage enables your internal storage to be free for supporting other important files and even enhances your systems speed.

5. Check Your Updates

Updating existing apps are also very important, so never neglect an update notification. Some android systems might stop notifying you to update if you frequently ignore the update notifications.

Just remember, when updating an app, or if it automatically updates itself, be very careful on what exactly is getting updated. Apps can also be subjected to incorrect data updates, meaning that sometimes apps are updated with the wrong data. This can cause some problems in your system unless you re-update the app again with the right data. This way your android’s speed is also updated.

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