5 Cheapest Places to Travel On Earth as Your Holiday Destinations

Feeling like packing up your bags and heading to your holiday destination? Then have a look at these budget places before booking up your tickets where you will enjoy to the fullest but at very low prices.

Whenever you think for a trip around the globe, the first obstacle comes the money. But not anymore as I bring out the top 5 cheapest travel destinations that you can enjoy in the coming 2018. So let’s take your attention here-

#1 Vietnam

The country can be explored at very low cost. This place is still unspoiled and full of nature, there are beaches, forest, rivers, fields and much more that can take your interest to visit the country.

This country is purely cheap to enjoy your holidays as one can enjoy those lush mountains, white sands, blue water blowing on your feet, delicious food and local transport that costs you like nothing. You can visit Ha Long Bay that is famous for water activities, Sapa where you can enjoy visiting the rice fields, Phú Quốc Island with various other tourist places.

#2 Dominican Republic

One can enjoy their holidays in this Caribbean nation that is full of spectacular beaches, and you can experience all this in just a few bucks. The accommodation, travel, and food is all very cheap here that a beer costs you around £1 only.

There are several less priced stayings like the Bavaro Hostel for just £16 where you can enjoy the sand of Bavaro the whole day. You can visit the beaches of Punta Cana where you can take advantage of several other adventures like zip line tour.

Here is free wifi and coffee that you can find at the beaches of Dominican Republic, so it’s a great deal to spend your holidays in 2018.

#3 Honduras

Again a perfect and less priced place for nature lovers. In Honduras, you can take pleasure of several coasts or seasides like the Hog-lying islands where you can visit by boats. The La Tigra National Park is another beauty of Honduras that takes place in 238 square km and offers several peaceful and natural sceneries. If you love enjoying sandy beaches, cheap food and drinks all day then include Honduras on your list that will charge you approx £22 a day. After getting the nature walk, you can visit the city named Comayagua that is approx two hours’ drive Honduras where you can find some cafes or hotels and enjoy the dining experience.

#4 Argentina

There is plenty to see in Argentina like the jungles in La Pampa, Mar del Plata- the resort city or Bariloche that is famous for its chocolate shops. You can easily spend a day here at just £40 including your hotel and meals.

#5 Greece

Another great alternative in the category of cheapest places on this planet is Greece due to its economic crisis. One may find it pretty much lower on bucks to visit the entire country, and there is a lot to enjoy like the sipping ice-cold Mythos, shots that are super cheap and food that is delicious but not expensive at all.


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