5 Bizarre Shops that are a feast to the eyes

These are not like your usual shops, stores or outlets in locality. The things you find here, I m you’ll not find anywhere else. These shops are located in different parts of the world. So tighten you seatbelts and go through this post. Also don’t forget to visit these places when in those respective countries.

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#1 Beijing Food Market – China

Scorpions, silkworm cocoons, centipedes, locusts, sea horses, etc. you name it and they have it. These are the kind of things we don't even want to see. Imagine someone says that there's market where you just don’t see them, but you can also have them as food. This market is located in Donghuamen Street in China. It starts at 3 PM and closes at 10 PM. Food on sale includes many types of meat like beef, chicken, scorpions, squid, grasshoppers, and even small sparrows.

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#2 Lomé Voodoo Market

Lomé, Togo is located in southern Africa. It’s one of the most popular markets out there. It is not that type of market that you usually visit for fruits and vegetables. They sell head of leopards, elephant feet, hands of chimpanzees, hearts of horses, and any other animal parts that you can't even imagine. These items are not for the cooking pot; these are objects are for traditional drugs and medicines. According to a myth they are supposed to be either swallowed or rubbed on the skin so as to make it soft and smooth. Ground up and drunk, they are said to cure many types of illnesses. Traditional priests and medicine men will administer the potions. These animal parts come from all over West Africa, and so do the customers.

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#3 Gypsy Brides Market

Gypsy Brides Market – a market where you can get a wife for yourself
What could be the first thought that flashed your brain after reading this?? Yes, perhaps you are right. Gypsy Brides Market is an open air brides market where you can find a wife for yourself. They are dressed in beautiful snowy white elegant gowns and having complementary jewelry makeup and footwear. Thousands of Roma girls parade around by their parents hoping to find a perfect groom for themselves. These teenagers come to the traditional market in Bulgaria in hope to get a husband and preferably one willing to pay an enormous amount of money for his future spouse as well. At this market in the village of Mogila, the price of a beautiful young woman can be several thousand levs/euros. This event starts on the first Saturday after the commencement of the Orthodox Easter fast. So what are you waiting for?

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#4 Witches’ Market, La Paz, Bolivia

If you thought that Feng- Shui is the only way of bringing good fortune to your work, then you should take a look at this. Dried Llama (South American camellia) and frog fetuses are the most prominent products that are sold in this market. This strange shopping land is known for its vast and different variety of ingredients which are used to influence the spirits. It is believed that burying this dried feet before a new construction brings good luck to the business. Superstitions I must say!!

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#5 Ka Firushi Bird market, Kabul, Afghanistan

There is a famous market in Kabul which is active like a swarm of bees producing honey all the day and night. Birds are the most popular and desirable item of this market. Among birds even the loving birds are the most popular. Afghanis believe that these birds bring love and prosperity in the house as well as lives of people who feed them. This belief has been existing since ages and stands still strong. Here you can find a variety of birds of all kinds and colors and sizes. Most of the shopkeepers have been running their business in this market since many generations. Some people are in the firm as their hobbies, but some do it for their livelihood. No matter what shall be the reason behind, but ain’t you leaving the market without a sovereign for yourself.

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