4 Times When Travelers Shared Heart-melting Stories

Today, Wheebuzz brings you four really beautiful and heart-melting stories. Since some of the them didn’t want to reveal, we have respected that. Check these amazingly wonderful stories that travellers shared, only on Wheebuzz.

1. My daughter’s surprise

“I was travelling to Boston for some business purpose. I had promised my daughter that I would return on the third day, which was her birthday. I was so sure that I would make it to her birthday. After finishing my work the next day, I was all set to return on the previous night of my daughter’s birthday. But, something just came up and I just could not leave that night. My daughter was upset when I told her the news. I tried to finish my last moment work as soon as possible. Luckily, I did that the next morning which was the day I had been waiting for. My daughter had lost hope that I would make it to her birthday party. On her day, I was ready to fly to her. And, guess what? I reached the home when the cake was about to cut. This was a very special and emotional moment for me and my daughter.”

2. The guy who made day

“I am Frank from Argentina, but what describes me best is that I am a teacher of linguistics, had taught in Kuwait and now teaching in US. India had always been fascinating for me. I decided to visit the country and explore it’s culture. It was March 2018 when I decided to visit India. For two days I visited the capital city Delhi. Then, on my third day, I was all set to visit Agra. I was in Delhi railway station waiting for my train in the waiting room. I was reading a novel, some of the people were starring at me, maybe because I was alien. One of the guys came up to me and said hi! I was surprised and replied back in hello. He was quite enthusiastic and a good conversationalist, and maybe different from all those who were starring at me. we had a good conversation then. My time got passed beautifully. He made me laugh as well. Such people, you never expect to be that amazing on a travel, right?”

3. My Girlfriend literally won my heart

“I live in Moscow. It was four years back when I was all set to go to London for a week. My girlfriend showed wish to accompany me, but I was quite sure I would want to enjoy myself alone. It wasn’t that I didn’t love her, but there are few times when you want to enjoy with yourself, right? I had told my gf everything about my hotel and my work that I would be doing there. On my fourth day, I was having tea in my hotel room balcony, and to my greatest surprise I saw my girlfriend walking in the garden. Damn! That was the greatest surprise of all time. It was super heart-melting. Today, we are 3 years married and have a cute little son”

4. The tragic love story

“I was a small town guy. I went to a bigger city for studies. A bit excited and a but nervous I was before my coming to a newer city. I had a girl in my class, that I had crush on. Obviously she was a cute, beautiful and happening girl. I often wonder why would any happening and big city girl date me. Throughout my college life, I struggled to talk to her. After college, fortunately I got a job and she was junior in rank in office. She started showing interest in me. I don’t know what happened, maybe it was my higher rank or I don’t know, but it was a miracle to me. After 7 years of our marriage, today when I ask her what exactly you liked about me, she always replies- “I have met a lot of boys showing interest in me. Many boys have hit on me. I know boys deeply. But you have always been respectful, sweet and innocent. The most attractive thing in you is your simplicity and not trying to be someone else”



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