22 of the Most Haunted Places in America, According to Paranormal Experts

How do we know that a house is haunted? Rumors and gossips do not count here. We here give you 22 authentic haunted places in the states which have been shared actual people dealing with these properties or places on a regular basis such as accounts by the regional paranormal societies of the areas, official tour guides, travel agents

WheeBuzz brings you 5 most haunted places in America

1. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: A haunting history lesson

Any place which has been a site of major historical and battles there is bound to have a lot of supernatural owner paranormal activities. Gettysburg in Pennsylvania is another example of these kinds of haunting. The 3 Day battle here claimed nearly 50000 lives both confederates as well as Union armies. This iCident alone makes it the most hunted small town in the US. When a group of school students was taken for an educational round around the town, they came near Jennie Wade’s house which is famous because of the fact that she was the only civilian killed in this battle. Just about that time, all the kids includion the guide sae a young boy on the second floor of the house stoicly standing on the stairs wearing civil war era clothes and staring at them. Agter the initial shock, the boy vanished in the thin air. Apart from this house, Gettysburg Orphanage, Sachs Covered bridge over marsh creek where an ill-fated hospital was built are the few of the sure shot haunted spots of the town.

2. Savannah, Georgia: Spooky southern charm

Accor.ding to Kelly Hudler who is resident travel agent no other city is as the favorite for ghostly activities like this one. This city is practically agog with paranormal activities in bars, hotels, ghostly abodes, and haunted inns. But amidst all that 432 Abercorn street on the Calhoun Street is perhaps the scariest place in this town. This house was built way back in 1868 for General bejanmin.J Wilson. The fact that the house has never been lived in after him adds to the eerie effect of this building. Aprts from this one house there are other spooky places to visit too such a s the Kehoe House or Foley House Inn with haunted histories. Also, you can have a brush with Hollywood history as well as if you visit the  Sorrel-Weed house where the opening scenes of Forrest Gump movie was shot!

3. New Orleans, Louisiana: The city of the dead

New Orleans had a long, devastating history which includes slave atrocities, raging fires which has engulfed the city twice, plagues and yellow fever breakouts which has claimed unknown amount of lives both young and old, therefore if you just “ happen “ to see a ghost on the streets right in front of your eyes do not be shocked. According to Sidney Smith. The Laurie Mansion in the French quarters of the city is perhaps the most infamous of all .built ii 1832 for a socialite Delphine lalurie she is believed to be a slave killer and abuser who had mutilated and dead slaves stuffed up in her attic. People are still just faint out in the same spots of the house still. Another gruesome and haunted house is “ Sultans Palace” in 716 Dauphine street, Hotel Provincial with the famous 5th building with maximum haunting, Andrew Jackson Hotel, Place’d Arms and finally Lafitte’s Blacksmith’s Bar where the female restrooms are the spookiest in the city.even the Air BNB is haunted here in this with a famously haunted room called NOLA. Have fun!

4. Oregon City, Oregon: Traveling homes and disrupted spirits

Oregon city has perhaps the most active history in America, quite literally! Be it the famous Oregon trail and the settlers, history of Hudson bay company of England, or the numerous haunted churches, cemeteries, homes moved across with their graves of the owners picked along them etc. with so many reasons NOT having paranormal activities would be rather weird. In the list out of many the haunting o the 3rd oldest house in the city and the Ermatinger House which was built as a town hall and meeting place in the mid-1800s is still visited by its one particular guest, a steamship captain. He has this canny habit of pulling his particular chair on the head of the dining room and pushing it back as if one would do when getting up and leaving. The process repeats itself for nearly 20 times a day! Apart from this house, you can get your dose of Mcloughlin House, The Bridge Tender Tavern and Kenton station who all have their own ghostly stories and sightings.and if that’s not all Oregon even has 14 most eerie water bodies such as lakes and riverfronts, water tanks etc.

5. New York, New York: The city that never sleeps

Well believe it or not this famous city is the perfect cauldron for everything spooky. According to paranormal investigator Douglas Mcmillan.Years of racial violence, unchecked crimes, the power struggle over this famous city along with its haphazard way of developing and founding, its easier to disprove a haunting than to prove obvious and trust there are many. Investigator himself experienced a shadowy apparition in an apartment in Colonnade row along with 3 of his friends. Apart from this house, there is the famous Governer’s Island, Greenweed Cemetary, Amityville Horror House in Long Island and last but not least bit spooky the Merchant’s House Museum


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