21 Masterpieces of Foodscapes by Carl Warner that will going to leave you in awe for sure!

In our childhood, our mom used to say that don’t play with food as it is the bad habit.  However, there are some people who took that thing as a challenge.  Not just they played with food but they created something that left everyone shocked.  You may know about food art like carving things on food etc. however do you think that someone can make a landscape, using the food we eat! Well, there is a term used for that and it is ‘Foodscape’, not only the term is interesting but the whole thing is something that will blow your mind.

Meet Carl Warner: A man behind amazing Foodscapes

You may hear somewhere that Food is an art; however, Carl Warner took this thing extremely seriously.  Carl is basically a location photographer and also worked in the advertising department and contributed his 25 years to his career. He lives with his family, wife and four children.

Carl Warner name came in highlights when one day his landscapes drawn people attention toward the art. Carl Warner not only makes landscapes, he makes Foodscapes. That means, instead of using paint colors or any other objects, he uses food like bacon for trees, onions for hot aired balloons, chilies for boats etc. Carl‘s art is not only become the internet sensation, but he turned out as one of the most artistic people in food art.

Presenting the best 21 masterpieces of Foodscape that you ever saw in your life!

#1 A great wall of veggies!

#2 Town of chilies and Garlic

#3 Probably the most delicious train…

#4 Christmas town of cookies and frosting…

#5 Beautiful Beach with Potato stones

#6 A great evening under the Corn candles

#7 Pasta land!

#8 Everyone wants to join this crispy beech!

#9 Beautiful world of underwater veggies and fruits!

#10 Pretty Village of bun and broccoli

#11 Broccoli forest!

#12 Spaghetti western side!

#13 Chillie boat …

#14 Fruit air balloons !!

#15 One of the beautiful foodscape…

#16 sausage Farm …

#17 Girls! here is your Candy house!

#18 Your turn to guess!

#19 Stadium of world’s best snacks!

#20 London skyline foodscape!

#21 Most delicious volcano ever!



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