17 X Rated Photographs So Hilarious but Not What You Think They Are

Do you always judge a photo the second you see it. You better don’t when you see these x rated photos which are hilarious but innocent as they aren’t what they seem. It’s fun to be naughty once in a while and though you may be thinking of getting an eyeful, the photographs are quite harmless actually.

WheeBuzz brings you a fun collection of photos to put you in a lighter mood.

1. No, he isn’t naked

That’s just your imagination and the thigh of the other guy with the Bermudas.

2. That’s a big sausage


It’s not a boner but imagine if this was brought to the family dinner table?

3. Admit it, you saw boobs

Yes, you did! That’s just her kneecaps

4. Noo!! That’s not a piece of ass at the back


You have a perverted mind. It’s the guy’s arm.

5. Whoa, whats that multicolored doodle


This of course is really funny. Wonder if he knows.

6. His head is in her backside


But actually it’s not, it’s just the photography

7. She isn’t giving herself a massage

It’s the guy who is getting massage from her


8. Gals hanging out

Its just gals having a good time in a bar, what did you think, cant girls enjoy themselves? The woman in front has her knee propped up with her hand in between her own leg.


9. That’s not what you think


It’s an extreme close up of an eye; you have a one track mind

10. No!! He is not getting blown away

That is a picture of a woman on a ad banner although he must have had a good time sending the photo to his friends


11. Guess what, someone has a hole in his pants


No he doesn’t, that’s just a woman’s shoe

12. NO that’s not a vulgar pose


Those are legs of two different women look closely.

13. That’s a cool headline


 But it’s her name actually Katherine Bangs. They forgot their punctuation

14. Teeny weenie bicycle seat


Is it or is it not?? Yes it is, she is too pretty to be having one so stop your dirty thinking.

15. Not what you’re thinking


It’s bathing time but those are her elbows and a photograph to mess your mind

16. Now is that a male dressed up


No it’s not because it’s just someone’s entire leg bent just at the right angle for this photo to give you bad bad thoughts.

17. Ok this is classic


 Einstein did have a big tongue though and he is putting it to good use

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew Alpin

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