15 Simple Psychological Tips and Tricks That Can Actually Work

1. Never request a favor from a man but ask it (politely of course)

Never ask a man for any favor which starts from the worlds “could you….as it automatically becomes hypothetical questions and the answers will also come in theory but won’t help you in the REAL predicament. So be direct and say please do this for me…which would make it a compulsion for them to act on it.

2. Avoiding the conversation? Just keep straight stares on their eyes.

Sounds very stalkerish and downright creepy but you do not need to do it with a murderous look in your eyes. Be subtle and it would still work. If someone is deliberately trying to ward off important answers from you just pause the conversation and keep a steady gaze at their eyes. The person would be confused and probably nervous if they are lying and they would start ranting the facts and truths, thinking you already suspect them so they might as well come clean to you.

3. Want to avoid the conversation stare at the forehead!

If you really want to make someone feel awkward and uncomfortable around you just keep staring at their foreheads during the conversation this will freak them out and make them self-conscious.

4. How to build a quick rapport

Ask the person in charge to explain something very easy and basic which even you might know and act interested throughout. This will create a trust bridge between the 2 of you and the rapport is built.×560.jpg

5. Nod subtly to get more affirmations.

Well maybe till now you were the victim of this shenanigan yourself in the fast food joints where the swift nods from the counter person were making you order more food than you actually planned. But now you can turn the tables. Whenever you need an affirmation to your requests just gently nod throughout the conversations and the in deal will be yours.

6. Get them when they are distracted somewhere else!

Sounds sneaky but if it’s a pen or stapler your colleague took from and is not returning, you just need to wait when they are really concentrating in their jobs and just stretch your hand in the direction of your property and without thinking they would hand it back to you . Beware this trick can be used on you as well.

7. Reverse psychology works!

The easiest way to make someone do something for you especially if it’s a man is just to insinuate that the work is too tough and probably they would not manage it. Just see how these magical works would start great chemical reactions in the male brains and trigger male hormones as well as ego and before you know it the work is done.

8. Start nodding to be heard well

During the conversation after a while, if you start listening and slightly nodding to what the other guys us rattling about, they would be puffed up with boosted ego and more than ready to lend an ear to what you are about to say and trust me your words would be the heard and acted upon.

9. Being disappointment to get a better deal

This works well when you are shopping or negotiating for a better salary. Even if you are satisfied with the numbers to keep the elation covered and act a bit disappointed and this would get you a cheaper product and or better salary without much haggling in either of the case.

10. How to get up along with the alarm at one go!

Yes it will sound weird but no matter how tired or lazy you feel the moment your alarm buzzes just fist up like an athlete and scream “ yeah” as if you have hit a home run or scored a goal and you ‘all be surprised to find yourself all  active and  set to get up and to face the world. This simple act boosts your adrenaline level so that you don’t slump back in the bed again.

11. If you want to avoid confrontation but want to show your anger still

Just change the tone and the phrase of your words. Like instead of saying “ you left the windows open again” just be curt and say without making any eye contact “ the windows remained open last night” trust me this would send a chill through your colleague and they would be careful in the future, noticing your changed demeanor towards them.

12. Want to avoid a fight, crack a joke!

If someone in your office is always itching for a fight or a confrontation with you, you can really drive them nuts by being funny and sharing a funny anecdote or something very mundane which will diffuse the situations and make them look like a fool at the end and you can walk off with that smug smile of your.

13. Choose early morning slot or the late evening slots to get the job.

Our brain remembers clearly what happens the beginning of the day in the mornings and what happened lastly in the evening as rest of the day usually passes off as a blur. So if you are going for an interview request the early most slots or the last slot so that they remember you and your personality and hire you as quickly as possible.

14. Forgot the part of a speech,  drink sips of water!

This happens quite often that you might be distracted while speaking and you forget the link and the words, you need to buy time and the easiest way is to take a break and take some fortifying slow slips of water while your brain gathers all the lost info and you can starts off from where you broke off and no one would be the wiser.

15. Stare at the shoes and the drive the pervert away!

This is especially, handy for young working girls and students who have to tolerate lecherous creeps in the subway or the bus. Instead of being visibly frustrated you can turn the table by staring at their foot or their shoes like a mad woman, and trust me this time they will be freaked out and run away as soon as possible.×630-99-1538573239.jpg


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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