15 Mind-blowing Photographs of NatGeo’s Travel Photographer of the Year Contest 2017

National Geographic just concluded one of its most prestigious photographer competitions in the first week of august and the results too are out showing the winning images of the travel photographer of the year contest 2017. As in every Natgeo photography competition, this time too, the submissions were no less spectacular reflecting the creativity and the brilliant imaginative abilities of its photographers. A special mention this year was Indian Tarun Sinha who achieved third place in the competition for this brilliant shot of crocs while travelling in Costa Rica.  The grand winner who clinches the title of National Geographic travel photographer of the year wins a 10 day trip for two to the Galapagos Archipelago with National Geographic expeditions. Check out 15 of these mind-blowing photos.

15. Cherry Blossoms by Hiroshi Tanita travel photographer 2017

Hiroshi Tanita is an award winning nature photographer from Japan who had just won the Sony nature awards of 2017.

14. Blessings at Besakih, Michael Dean Morgan travel photographer 2017

This is an honorable mention photograph by Michael Dean Morgan of the Besakih Temple in Bali which is a 1000 year old and located atop of 1000 meter high slopes of Mt Agung, Indonesia

13. Green Gours Reflection, Ronald Fritz travel photographer 2017

A stunning shot by photographer Ronald Fritz taken of the green gours in Hang Son Doong the largest known cave system in the world located in Vietnam.

12. Underwater View of the Winter Lofoten, Sergey Lukanin

A spectacular shot by Sergey Lukanin combining two panoramic views, one underwater and then again above the surface of a village in Lofoten Norway

11. Forest of the Fairy, Yutaka Takafuji

Another honorable mention photo and a magical image of glowing princess fireflies by Japanese photographer Yutaka Takafuji shot in the evening on a humid summer day. The location is a remote forest near a village in Tamba, Japan.

10. Buff Tailed Coronet, Hymakar Valluri

A spontaneous shot of a Buff tailed Coronet a species of Hummingbird which surrounded the photographer when he travelled to the high altitude town of Papallacta in the Ecuador rainforests.

9. The March, Torrey Hilley

While on safari shoot in Zambia, photographer Tori Hilley was startled by this pride of lions marching towards her. She did the only thing a photographer would do; she took out her camera and took an amazing photo.

8. Mount Bromo, Indonesia, Reynold Riksa Dewantara

An honorable mention photograph of the active volcano Mount Bromo in Java Indonesia. The photographer happened to be witness to the event in 2016 and took a series of awesome photographs. The incident even triggered a high alert.

7. First Dive, Matthew Smith

This is another spontaneous of a young Hawksbill turtle diving into the sea just after hatching.  Unfortunately, the odds of survival are slim and the turtle will need to struggle to live in tough conditions

6. Wings toward the Sun, Scott Summers

The ethereal photograph of a swamp was taken on a late spring morning where geese usually gather at the lake. The magical glow was captured by a fog and the sun peaking over the trees.

5. Solidified Lava Vs Forest, Placido Faranda

A fantastic photograph of comparison between two areas, one with thick forest and another smothered in solidified lava. The photo was taken in Sicily and the area is covered in lava left over from the eruption of Mt Etna in 2002. The landscape was also used as a backdrop for Planet Mustafar in Star wars episode III

4. Third Place:  Under the Wave, by Rodney Bursiel

This stunning action shot was taken by Rodney Bursiel while travelling to Tavarua, Fiji. The shot is of pro-surfer Donavon Frankenreiter and has been taken from an underwater perspective.

3. Third Place:  Crocodiles at Rio, Tarcoles by Tarun Sinha

This brilliant photo was taken by Tarun Sinha an Indian photographer was shot in Costa Rica while he was crossing the river, travelling from Monteverde to Playa Hermosa. The river is home to 35 crocodiles that can be seen basking on the banks of the river.

2. Second Place, To Live, Hiromi Kano

A Poetic photograph taken by  Hiromi Kano showing swans gliding over the waters of Kabukurinuma, Osaki, Japan

 1. Grand Winner, the Power of Nature, Sergio Tapiro Velasco

This is one powerful shot of the eruption at active volcano Mt Colima in Mexico. The photographer happened to be in the vicinity when the incident occurred on December 13, 2015 He described it as the most exciting moment of his life.


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Written by Andrew Alpin

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