15 Of the Hottest Sportswomen on the Planet as You’ve never Seen Before

You’ve seen them performing their best on the Olympic stage and in world events around the globe. But! While  their sporting achievements are no less great, did you know that these accomplished athletes are the most gorgeous and beautiful in looks where they can give any beauty pageant contestant a run for their money any day.

The sporting world has more gorgeous women than you can think of and it’s a killer combination of sportiness and hot bod. Here are 15 of the hottest sportwomen who you will definitely give a second look.

15. Winifer Fernandez

22 year old Winnifer Fernandez is a volleyball player who plays for the Dominican Republic. In the professional league, she plays for her club Mirador and has competed in several world championships. In the 2012 Noireca U20 Championship she was declared the most valuable player. In the San Salvadorean newspaper El Mundo, she was declared among the 10 most beautiful ad coveted athletes of 2017.

14. Ellen Hoog

At 30, Ellen Hoog is one hot hockey player who plays for the Dutch national team. She is also a two time gold medalist and won silver in the 2016 summer Olympics at Rio.

13. Allison Stokke

One of the most beautiful pole vaulters from California, 27 year old Alison Stokke won her first championship when she was only 15. She never really made it to the summer Olympics but she still holds the record for the best jump by a 15 year old at 12 ft 6 inches. She is also an established sport wear model.

12. Anastasia Luppova–anastasia-sharks.jpg

The twice European champion in Billiards, Russian Anatasia Luppova is 32 has earned a master of sports title in Russia. She won the 2009 Miss Billiards competition and is now a coach for the game

11. Alex Morgan

29 year old American Soccer player Alex Morgan is an Olympic gold medalist and has been declared by several tabloids as one of the world’s hottest sportswomen. She plays as a striker and was even declared CONCACAF player of the year in 2013

10. Laura Enever

Laura Enever 25 hots up the surfing scene in Australia with her infectious smile. The champion surfer was the ASP Women’s World Junior Champion in 2009 and is well known for her striking looks and attractive figure that has gained her thousands of fans worldwide.

9. Lindsey Caroline Vonn

30 year old Lindsey Vonn is a beautiful Alpine ski races who is one of the hottest athletes of the American ski team. She has four world championships under her belt a feat that is share by one other skier Annemarie Moser Proll.

8. Sydney Laroux

He is the fifth member of the US women’s national Soccer team and an Olympic gold medalist. She currently plays for Seattle Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer League.

7. Tania Sachdev–female-athletes-sports-women.jpg

Indian Tania Sachdev is 31 and is an international grandmaster in Chess as well as a Woman Grandmaster. She has won several international awards and is the recipient of an Arjuna award given to distinguished sportspersons in India

6. Greta Sadeiko

A track and field athlete at Florida State University and the fiance of Robert Griffin III, Greta Sadeiko 24, is an Estonian Hepthathlete. She came fourth in the world junior championships in 2010 and joined the university in 2011.

5. Antonija Misura

This is one of the hottest basketball players in the world. Antonija Misura 29 from Croatia but she plays as a point guard for Spanish team Lointek Gernika Bizkaia. She represented Croatia in the 2012 Olympic Games and Eurobasket women 2013. She is a media darling because of her striking looks.

4. Melanie Adams

Stunning Australian Pole vaulter and volleyball player Melanie Adams 28 has competed in two Olympics and was pole vaulting from the age of 11. She has 21 national titles and is an established sports model. She was a finalist in 2006 Miss Australian teen pageant and hopes to compete in the Miss Universe pageant in future.

 3. Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard 26 is one of the hottest athletes on the planet. The pro surfer and bikini model hails from Hawaii and even hosts her own television show Surfer Girl. She has competed on the Asp world tour and even designs her swimwear line.

2. Sierra Blair Coyle

Sierra Blair Coyle is a professional rock climber form Scottsdale Arizona. Tabloids can’t even get enough of her and wonder is she is an athlete or a model. Her looks are astonishing and she is among the hottest sportswomen on the planet.

1. Annais Zanotti×684.jpg

As a certified skydiver, she has done 1250 skydives and is also a stuntwoman. However besides being accomplished in fitness, Zanotti 31 is a French Model having appeared on more than 40 publications, she can truly qualify for being among the hottest sportswomen in sport.

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