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15 Examples of what happens when an artist tells about a harsh reality of today’s story

Art is one of the strongest ways to convey your emotions to other. It is a much easier option that can make people understand without using their mind too much. However, it requires lots of things to make such examples. Some artist draws to show their talent but some draw to show the reality where we are living right now. There are many examples where the artist showed our faces and how actually we are dealing with different things.

These days people are changed, not just emotionally but mentally and physically as well. They are becoming detached with the reality and getting attached to a delusion where everything is just a lie.  As we all know, we are not same as we are before. We become too busy in chasing our dreams that we forget about life. We become too damn busy in chatting with our long distance buddies that we forget to talk with our family.

Apart from this, we start behaving less humanly, you may hear lots of stories where a man can save someone but he was too busy in clicking the picture that he forget to save that person. why these days we are giving more importance to social media than a life of someone, why people are believing in lust more than love, why people are not thinking creative and innovation instead of following someone path blankly?   some artist chose to convey the message by putting these things in their art. And their art is a hard slap on our face!

 here we are going to Show the true story of us with the example of 15 arts made by a different artist




















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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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