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15 Crazy and Ridiculous Facts That Turned Out to be True

To know something new is a good thing, but the feeling of amazement is best when you learn something unusual, something you could never expect to be true yet it is. Facts about the world we live in, facts about the reality of life around the world, unique cultures or history. All of these can be fascinating and in equal measure of amazement.

WheeBuzz brings you 15 ridiculous facts that are actually true.

1. Why Pigeons head bob

Pigeons bob their head to stabilize the pictures and visuals in front of them because of the eye on either side of their head. This helps determine the relative distance of objects.

2. 1.6% of people feel pain when they see someone else in pain

That’s right!! This is a rare condition called Mirror-touch synesthesia. Individuals experience the same sensation like the touch that the other person feels. If someone afflicted with the condition were to see someone touching their cheek, they would feel an identical sensation.

3. In a kidney transplant, the recipient’s kidneys remain where they are

Now that is something you most probably never knew did you?  In kidney transplants, a recipient undergoing a kidney transplant, the original kidneys aren’t removed or else there would be the risk of disease.

4.  There is a King Penguin in Norway that has an army rank

His name is Brigadier Sir Nils Olav and he is a resident of the Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland. He is the mascot and Colonel in Chief of the Norwegian’s King Guard. The name Nils and the rank have been passed down to three generations of penguins and Nils holds the existing title..

5. Switzerland has a law that bans anyone from keeping one guinea pig as a pet

Because guinea pigs are sociable animals, they aren’t allowed to be kept single. However, if one dies, you can call the rent a guinea pig service run by Priska Kung who will provide a companion for a grieving single guinea pig.

6. Twins can actually have different fathers

The phenomenon is called superfecundation. In the world, there are only 10 pairs of such twins with different fathers. Poland has one case, Spain one, USA has two and India two.

7.  The scary crabs in Japan

In Japan, you can find crabs that feature a scary design on their shells resembling an angry face. The species of crab is called Heikegani and local tradition believes that the face is that of an angry Samurai which is why it is also known as Samurai crab.

8. Ceramics were invented even before blue-eyed people made an appearance on earth

According to research, People with blues eyes shared a common ancestor who suffered from a genetic mutation 6,000-10,000 years ago. That person was responsible for all the blue eyes people on the planet.

9. Why a paper cut is more painful than a regular cut

A paper cut is always more painful than a regular cut because there is hardly any blood spilled at all leaving nerve endings open that are disturbed by the air causing more pain.

10. Bees can sting other bees

If an outsider bee tries to enter a hive, special guardian bees start releasing pheromones to warn others to come and attack. If the intruder brings nectar, they won’t do anything but invite it in but if a wasp or another bee comes empty-handed, they will sense something and signal an attack.

11. This is the closest descendant of Tyrannosaurus Rex 

A chicken!! Yes, the descendant of the big ugly bad boy of the dinosaur world has been reduced by evolution to a clucking head bobbing grain eater, a chicken. This fantastic fact proved by research that found that the chicken was the direct descendant of T-Rex.

12. Research links body hair to intelligence

Research done by an American psychologist proved that the amount of body hair influences intelligence. The more the hair, the smarter the brains. Dr Aikarakudy Alias made a claim that most doctors and highly educated people had more hair on their chest.

13. The Chinese can’t drink their milk

China may be the third largest milk exporter in the country but the majority of the population is lactose intolerant.  Research has found that 92 % of adults were diagnosed with some form of lactose intolerance.

14. The multi-colored river in Colombia

In Colombia, there is a multi colored river called Cano Cristales it is extremely famous because of being made of 5 colors, red, yellow, green, blue, and black. It is known as The River of Five Colors or also Liquid Rainbow.

15. Women also have an Adam’s apple


Among ridiculous facts, Yes!! Not just men but women have Adam’s apple too. Except that it isn’t that prominent.

What do you think?


Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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