15 Books Every Woman Should Read In Her Lifetime

The ability to Read is perhaps the biggest spiritual gift of mankind  under the sun. Reading  makes us better or more ware about ourselves. That’s why it is  believed that a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies but the one who does not lives just one”

WheeBuzz brings you this collection of captivating books that every woman must read at least once in her lifetime.

This compilation of 15 books for women and of course they will be interesting for men too are mixture of classics well as contemporary fiction which starts with a simple plot and goes on to become a path breaking narratives.

1.  Matilda by Roald Dahl every woman must read

An innocent little girl with a powerful gift inside her hidden and closeted, which can change the world! Though it might seem like a kid’s book but its profound message is pretty similar to the famous “Pink Floyd” song- ‘Brick in The World’ albeit in a small country town. This story simply tell us that NO ONE has the right to bully you as you not weak or helpless and we all have something special about us which would defend us or even as they say….deliver justice upon our oppressors!

2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen every woman must read

Perhaps the only book which has universally changed the social perspective of men and women globally is this book which somehow seems bigger than just been called ‘classic’. This is probably because it so easily transcends centuries, emotions, gender and class parity and still remain the most talked about and discussed book even 205 years of its publication! One really wonders, what IS about this book which has captured the public emotion like no other? Read it and  know it for yourself.

3.  To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee every woman must read

Now this is a book which might come in the garb of kid’s tale during the days of great American depression. But that’s where it probably shocks everyone in the world whoever has read it. How a self narrated story of a little girl reflects the horrific realities of slavery, deceit, lies, struggles for gender and race equality and ones person’s fight to bring justice in that small town is a harrowing read, but sure it changes the way you feel about our history a bit or may be the present too? Whatever be effect, you’ll never be the same person again after reading this book for sure!

4. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

This book beautifully crafted Cornelia Funke it is a fantasy story for sure, but it has deeper more poignant meaning to it. Though the story is about Meggie and her father’s ability to tell stories so realistically, that the villain of their own story comes to life, and this is when Meggie has to not only fight him but destroy him and be the true heroin of her story. Some readers refer this symbolizes the demon every woman has to slay to protect herself, but for me the book symbolizes imagination and extreme love for life.

5. Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Patterson every woman must read

Written way back in 1977 by Katherine Peterson is breathtaking story about 2 lonely siblings who have a dysfunctional social life and find solace is their escape to an imaginary world called the “Terabithia”. The protagonist Jess wants to fight his demons by being the fastest kid in the school but suddenly this new girl in the school, Leslie outruns them all and worse still she wants to be friends with jess and be part of the empire of Terabithia. This book shows how young children our scarred by our adults in homes and schools everyday and are always running away from the reality. Though this fantastic book was temporarily banned due to its reference to witchcraft and sordid realities of life and loss, but those who have been lucky enough to read it, will be transformed by this story of friendship, love and loss and have that lump in the throat which just refuses to go away!

6.  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brönte every woman must read

Another mind numbing and scandalous book written 250 years ago, but still manages to send chills to our very core, in this awesome book written as autobiography by a simple orphan girl, Jane Eyre, the governess to the ward of mysterious Mr Rochester. The story is so complex in so many layers and replete with gothic nuance that it simple baffles the modern day readers alike! The mystery, the thrill, the passion exuberated by the characters are shocking in modern terms as well. This is truly a path breaking movie which pushes the conservative Victorian norms in to revolutionary levels, but at the same time instills the power of ‘Poetic Justice’ which is meted out to people not in afterlife  but with in this lifetime itself. Read it once and you’ll be a worshipper!

7. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank every woman must read,204,203,200_.jpg

Is it possible that an autobiography of a young girl trapped under Nazi occupied Netherlands, to write daily diary entries about her brief period of growing up before she meets her eventual destiny can be so heartwarming inspirational as well devastatingly sad as well? How could she do it at 15 years of age, cooped up for life day after day and still create a masterpiece if only she could complete it…….if only! Read it and she will make you feel blessed about your life which we take so criminally for granted!

8. Me before you by Jojo Moyes every woman must read,204,203,200_.jpg

This modern day romantic novel cannot be insulted by just calling it a romantic-comedy (a term I most dearly hate!) because this story written so beautifully crafted  by Jojo Myere that it can easily be a modern day master piece. Love transcends class divide, physical disability and creates a rare friendship as pretty as an English rose, which enchants everyone around it till it’s alive and thriving. The book deals with euthanasia but not once do you feel depressed or sad rather filled with hope and appreciations for life which can cruelly be snatched away from anyone, anytime… LIVE your life to the fullest!

9. Parfumerie- Miklos Laszlo (adapted to the movie ,You’ve got Mail) every woman must read

One word to truly describe this play written by Miklos Laszlo is “Charming”. It was adapted into three well known movies, “The shop around the corner” “in the good old summertime” and of course the best one of all ‘You’ve Got Mail” His lovers takes us back to the nostalgic times when New York was the best place to fall in love, it’s a dream for all the true romantics of this world to be in this story, somehow, anyhow! This book would make you sing and dance and feel the spring deep inside our souls, when love, or rather a mail comes knocking for you from your unknown lover, (yes our love birds who have sworn never to meet) but fall just the same. Well, then nature itself has to do the hard work of bringing them together Whenever you are down and dejected this play will lift your soul.

10.  If only it were true by Marc Levy (Remember Just Like Heaven??) every woman must read

This is perhaps the most unconventional French romance written by Marc Levy. In the list not only for the plot but also for the 2 peculiar protagonists (true gems of the story). It was made into a cute movie “Just like heaven” starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo it possible that when two people are meant to be together, nature makes just about every sort of miracle to make it come true? But more than love, this movie deals with over ambitions and serious issues of coping with the grief of someone lost. But a little supernatural twist cannot harm if it can finally wins over …..Death! Do not miss it for the world!

11. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott every woman must read

A 19th century book about a family of women which fights and wins against the rigid social norms and asserts female independence like no other. Though this Christmas novel based upon a 4 sisters who grew up together in a loving family and are close knit to each other, but has feverish tendency to urge their individualities The war and the resultant struggle against poverty brings out the true colors of each sister, which breaks the stereotypes of women at a time when they could not even think of competing with their male counterparts. A  truly liberating story.

12.  A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini every woman must read,204,203,200_.jpg

Probably  one of the few books about strong women written by a man, which makes it even more special as he truly understands  all the subtle nuisance  of two girl friends. It’s amazing how fierce their friendships could be during challenging times especially these days when women friendship are often considered bitchy and fickle and makes a complete mockery of a true same sex friendship which last much longer than any conventional relationships.

13.  The Color Purple by Alice Walker every woman must read

Some may see this book has a horrific tale of a black girl growing up in the southern plantation towards the turn of the century, going through the worst form of physical, mental and racial abuse which can possibly be inflicted upon a soul. BUT, that’s where the sob story ends and we are show cased with bunch of women who are strong, gritty and simply badass! This book is an inspiration for not just colored women but all who face exploitation and discrimination in this cruel world and decide to turn it to their advantage with their sheer grit and camaraderie. If this movie doesn’t boil your blood to do something good with life, trust me NO BOOK ever will!

14. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell every woman must read,204,203,200_.jpg

This greatly overlooked and ignored writer is a true gem in English literature, whose real worth is now gradually being appreciated in all the Ivy League colleges as well as in the hallowed classrooms of Oxford and Cambridge University. Though her creations are a beautiful juxtaposition of human emotions of love, separation but it also encompasses the bigger world of industrial revolution in Britain and the tide of misery it bought with it. But the real beauty of the story is perhaps, after all the loss and grief the change, both Margaret and Thornton are able to look through each other eye the world they imagine for themselves, which makes this book sublime.

15. The Glass Jar by  Sylvia Plath every woman must read

Anyone who has suffered the horrors of depressions and anxiety and had her life debilitated , would relate to this book as if her own core is being written out on paper. The pain, the experiences, the stigma and the zero acceptances in the polite society makes it a heart wrenching read, especially based in the 1950s when social conformation was the norm. Plath’s depiction is as clinical as ice and makes us thanks our lucky stars that we are born in these millennia where we can find and get help without being ostracized by  society.

Everyone can have their own list of best 15 reads apart from mine, if you liked this compilation by WheeBuzzthen be our guest and add the names you feel should be added too.


What do you think?

Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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