15 Adult Film Stars Who Look Exactly Like Hollywood Celebrities

There are many similar behind the scene episodes of the adult film industry and Hollywood, in the former the casting couch is a blatant subject for viewers whereas Hollywood likes keeping the casting couch under wraps. A little hypocrisy there don’t you think? However all said and done, nothing is more similar that film stars who actually have their lookalike counterparts in the adult film industry.

WheeBuzz brings you 15 Hollywood celebrities and their adult film star lookalikes

1. Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale, the star of Pearl Harbor and Underworld actually has her lookalike in the likes of Whitney Westgate who is a popular adult film actress.

2. Rihanna

With a face like Rihanna, any wonder she would definitely have a look alike adult actress. She is great to look at but so is Lavish Styles and no doubt you have heard of her, why not google her up.

3. Miley Cyrus

There was a time Miley would have put an adult star to shame but she’s mellowed now and here you can see her counterpart which is Capri Anderson who frankly is quite a rage in the adult industry.

4. Lindsey Morgan

You can see her as the mechanic on the Sci-Fi drama The 100 but Lindsey Morgan also looks like adult star Ariana Marie.

5. Alicia Keys

A beautiful singer no doubt and a lovely lady but there is also a lookalike popular in the adult industry and that’s Anetta Keys who seems to be carrying the same sir name.

6. Kristen Kreuk

Kristen Kreuk and Danni Cole almost look like sisters and it would be hard to tell the two apart as you can see.

7. Taylor Swift×800/58076d2d01666_2.jpg

Looking at adult actress Jana Jordan is almost like looking at Taylor Swift. The two share a striking similarity to each other

8. Sophie Turner

We all loved Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark and now as Jean Grey in the X Men but she definitely looks like adult film star Leona Honey who has a huge following.

9. Scarlett Johansson


Even Scarlett Johansson has her own celebrity double in the likes of adult star Jeanne Marie Sullivan who may not be a big name but nevertheless is popular too.

10. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is often compared to her adult star double Jessica Burciaga as you can see from the photo below

11. Nicole Kidman



An iconic Australian actress and former wife of Tom Cruise but Kidman almost looks like adult film star Diane Deluna as you can see the resemblance

12. Shakira



Shakira is among the most beautiful women in the world and if she has a double in the adult industry then that woman is beautiful too which is none other than British adult actress Carmel Moore is.

13. Ellen Paige


 Although not a very big name, she has still had her fair share of good roles in Hollywood. This Canadian actress has a lookalike in the adult film industry in the likes of Ariel Rebel.

14. Michelle Trachtenberg

Remember her from the TV show Gossip Girl and the film 17 again? She also vowed us as an ice skating queen but if you see adult actress Missy stone, they are almost alike.

15. Jaime Pressly

This is one classy actress who we all loved in Mom as the rich alcoholic, she still looks beautiful till today. If you see Jesse Jane who is an adult actress, they both look like sisters.


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Written by Andrew Alpin

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