14 Major Signs That A Ghost Is Living With You

At least once in life, everyone has wondered whether the house they live in or the office they work in is haunted or not. Some are honest and open about their fears while most of them just keep it within themselves considering it just as a fleeting, silly thought. After all, ghosts are not real right? Isn’t that what we have been brain fed all our lives? Our parents, teachers, peers and even science have dismissed ghosts as unnatural, so why do some of us keep feeling that we are not always alone and someone is watching us all the time?

WheeBuzz brings to you 15 pieces of evidence you may be living with a ghost

Could you be living with a ghost?

Well, it might not be as dramatic as the Amityville horror or the Conjuring but they can be small subtle signs that hint that you are never alone. By this,  we do not mean your family or friends surrounding you, but companions from the world beyond! Now it’s up to you whether you want to shake this off as balderdash or are actually curious to know whether you are haunted or not. Because there are tell-tale indications and signs which can reveal much more than you could ever imagine like these 14 signs you may be living with a ghost.

You Hear Strange Noises

Now you do not need to be super sensitive towards every odd sound coming from your house or hyperventilate when you hear a creak on the door as that is common when living in an old house. However, you cannot take strange footsteps in the attic or knuckles rapping against the wall for granted too. Just be mindful always and keep a note of the time of such audio occurrences and try to see if there is a pattern here, like it occurs only at a specific time of day or night, in a particular room, on certain special situations or when you are alone. Also, note if only you can hear them or others can hear them too. Take note if your pets exhibit strange or nervous behavior at the sounds.

Pets Exhibit Odd Behavior

Animals are hypersensitive to anything paranormal, they could be your guide to know whether you are really haunted or not. If your cat is always staring at a particular wall or the ceiling for hours without flinching or she constantly arches her back and hisses at the air, it means she is seeing something. There have been numerous records of animal seeing spirits and even interacting with them depending upon the type of ghost. So keep note of your pet’s weird behavior, their patterns, or the specific location of the house where they always seem to display such oddities. Make sure you take your pet for a vet’s checkup to rule out any illness. The best thing to do is to hire a pet psychic.

You Find Furniture and Other Objects Out Of Place

Do you have this nagging feeling that your keys are always somewhere else even if you remember keeping them in their proper place? There could be a chair in your study which never seems to be where you left it before leaving for work. Most of all you pretty sure the kitchen cabinets were closed and secured when you left and you find them all open when you come back from work! Congratulations, you may have a hyperactive poltergeist in your house. But!! Be aware that many humans fake these incidents to catch media attention which is called Poltergeist- Faking Syndrome. But you might be the rare case where your house pranksters are not human at all.

Every Night You Wake up around 3 AM 

If you find yourself routinely waking up from even your deepest slumber at sharp 3 am every night (or morning) for no apparent reason, then you may be getting a gentle wake-up prod from a spirit. According to spirit medium Maureen Hancock, the veil between the spirit world and ours is the thinnest between 3-5 am in the mornings. This is why a spirit can prod you awake.  If you prefer a spooky alarm clock, then all the better for you!

You Have Random Bites, Scratches, or Bruises

Now, this is a bit serious, and you need to keep a strict record of these occurrences. If you get up in the middle of the night or early morning and discover scratch marks or random bruises on your body, which you are sure are not self-inflicted or due to any accident, it’s time to be alarmed as you are sharing your abode with a violent and malicious poltergeist and not with giant Amazonian mosquitoes!  The good news is such serious incidents can phase out after a while by itself, but there is no harm in taking some actions like cleansing your home spiritually or calling a paranormal investigator.

You Experience an Increased Number of Nightmares

Each one of us has had their fair share of nightmares but if you are experiencing debilitating nightmares frequently with the same scenario and subjects night after night, then it’s a problem. It can seriously affect your mental well being, health, and social interactions as well. Interestingly, nightmares do not necessarily mean that your house is haunted. According to theories, they can be a signal that you as a person are more susceptible to ghostly interventions in your subconscious mind when asleep or dreaming. Most of the times this can be confused with sleep paralysis which is scary enough but has nothing to do with paranormal activities.

Your Electronics Experience Electric Disturbances

Your light fixtures in your house start flickering simultaneously in every room! Suddenly your light bulb surges in intensity even though the voltage power is normal. Have you ever experienced your kitchen electrical gadgets turning on or off by themselves? Well logically you should call your electrician for a line checkup. But, if the problem still persists after every scientific and electronic intervention… must call the Ghost Busters.

You See Mysterious Shadows or Movements

This can be really spooky if you have mindfully started noticing shadows flitting across your house when you are alone. You may also notice shadows or disembodied forms and though you think it is your imagination playing games, they never seem to go away. There may be an entity playing with you right now. But do not freak out as yet, it could also mean the spirit clearly does not want to be seen or acknowledged at all and there are slim chances they would actually bother or hurt you. Most of them just hang around for a few days or months and eventually disappear themselves.–ghost-pictures-ghost-photos.jpg

Wild Temperature Fluctuations for no reason

You feel sudden changes in your room temperature without anyone messing around with your thermostat, my friend you have a ghost in your house. Many people have experienced sudden chills down their necks or even the feeling of sudden heat and oppression in the room without external reasons. If it’s a specific room which always feels heavy or dense it could be the focal point of all the paranormal activities of your home.

You look at the clock when it shows 11:11

Invariably you look at your clock when it is exactly 11:11 for no rhyme or reason. It means that you have your passed loved ones with you right now. Spirit medium Maureen Hancock says it means infinity and they want to let you know that they are there still with you and care for you.

You Feel Like Someone—or Something—Is Staring At You

There is actually a phenomenon called gaze detection where you can feel someone staring at you physically or in a disembodied way. This is an evolutionary benefit which allows our brains to detect when someone or something is looking at you and makes you conscious of it. The time to worry actually arrives when you know you are home alone and you constantly feel that you’re being watched. You check all the windows and doors and secure them but still, the feeling does not go away. It simply means there is a spirit which is watching you but does not want to be seen in return.

You Hear Inexplicable Voices

Well, this one is a bit creepier than the rest as hearing voices can be a serious medical condition of schizophrenia which means there might be nothing ghostly about your house and it’s all in your head. However, there is a possible way of making a distinction here. A schizophrenic patient hears voices from within his head. But paranormal voices are disembodied voices or sound which seems as if someone else is in the room talking to you. Most of the times, the spirit itself is disoriented and thinks you are someone else while it communicates with you or the voices can be a part of conversation long past gone which is stuck as an echo of the past but physically charged enough to be heard in real time.

This is usually called Residual haunting which is a voice or “a conversation” of the past that somehow gets recorded into the atmosphere and appears at random times which is harmless but no doubt creepy. It’s like you are unintentionally eavesdropping on a conversation between different people which happened in the past.

You Smell a Scent, but You Don’t Know the Source

Sometimes you can catch a whiff of the smell of a person gone long ago which was just specific to them. Deceased loved ones or relatives sometimes make their presence felt by a scent which you are sure to remember if you were close to that person in the past. It’s a way of showing care and comfort that they are still around you. Most of these experiences occur during special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or family festivities.

You Straight Up See a Ghost

This entity does not beat around the bush and makes an appearance for you leaving no scope of confusion that you are in a haunted house. Again there is a difference here. If you see the ghost or ghosts (in some cases) at the same time and place engaging in the same activities again and again, then it’s a residual haunting from the past. It’s just that this time the evidence is a visual one. It’s like a movie projection which has nothing to do with you and therefore harmless but sentient ghosts may try to engage with you. If it’s harmless you can ignore them but be alarmed if you have the slightest suspicion it means you harm or tries to disrupt your life.

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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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