13 Signs That Prove You Could Be Way More Intelligent Than You Realize

How intelligent do you think you are? Are you that type of person who feels they aren’t intelligent enough? Well, this article from WheeBuzz might dispel your doubts about your own level of intelligence as it will provide 13 amazing facts to show you that you are more intelligent than you think.. You will surely find 2 points which match your character and your actions.

1. You took music lessons

The child can be more developed if he/she has learned to play a musical instrument from a young age, it has been proven by studies. Studies have proven The test scores of a 4 to a 6-year-old kid can be improved significantly if they just attend a month of musical class. If you ever learned to play the violin as a kid, this is the reason for you to plan your goals to perform through the entire day.

2. You’re the oldest sibling in the family

The oldest sibling of the family have a moderately higher IQ level in comparison to their younger siblings, this fact has been proven by research. This can also relate to the reason that the youngest in the family isn’t as successful as the oldest.

3. You have a slim figure

An unusual study was conducted in 2006 which concluded that people who have a larger waistline tend to have a lower advantage in their cognitive abilities. Another research stated that if poor test scores are received by children who are at the age of 11 have a higher probability of being obese when they pass 40 years of age. The cleverer student will study and perform better and also will be more concerned about his health.

4. You were breast-fed as a baby

A study of 3000 children was conducted by scientists in New Zealand and Britain. It concluded that breastfed babies achieved 7 points higher than those who weren’t in an IQ test. This was only applicable to the children who had a special kind of gene( Children who aren’t breastfed can also have this gene).  It is still unknown on how the performance of the gene and breastfeeding are related.

5. You loved reading even as a child

If you had an interest in books at an extremely young age, this indicates that you might be very smart. A research was done on 2000 pair of twins, the results concluded that the infants who started reading at a younger age scored higher in comparison to the latter.  The verbal and non-verbal abilities can be improved if they start reading at an early age.

6. You’re left-handed

According to some collected data, most of the criminals in the world are left-handed. This phenomenon has not yet been explained by experts.  Research has stated that left-handed people think divergently – a way which is creative and solves various tasks, problems, etc.  It has also been said that it is easier for left-handed people to get out of a situation and tend to be more innovative.

7. You often worry

It has been proven by studies that people who worry a lot tend to be more intelligent in comparison to those who have no worries. This can be due to the reason that they start to think about the different possibilities which can occur due to their action and try their best to sort out everything easily.

8. You can be funny

High intelligence and a sense of humor can be somewhat related. A research was done on 400 students who had taken an intelligence test. In the test, the students had to think of funny captions for some scenes in different cartoons.

9. You’re curious

It was concluded by a professor of business psychology at a university in London that one important characteristic of an intelligent person is their curiosity. People who are curious have a more polished thought process and they are interested in finding out things on a long term basis as well as develop their personality.

10. You strive for perfection

Perfectionist is another feature of smart people. They would never be satisfied with something unless it is done their way. They would practice extra to be the best player on the team. They would buy a whole new wardrobe just to look better if they are unhappy with how they look. For them, they have to keep progressing in life.

11. You’re a real night owl

It is said that people who stay up late in the night tend to be smarter than the people who are early birds. It is not given to them by nature, but their ability to be creative and work enhances at the night. It is stated by scientists that people who sleep later desire to expand their abilities and pass all limits.

12. Your writing is messy

It was established that creative disorder can be like a fuel which runs the creative nature of a person. If your handwriting is messy, this indicates that you are a creative person and can think differently.


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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