13 Signs That a Child May grow Up to Be a Psychopath in the Future

It’s a little bit unsettling but there are certain symptoms which your child might show as early as the age of three to suggest he may grow up to be a psychopath in future. These are usually ignored but it might be a clue and if not controlled and monitored from the very beginning could be bad for both child and parents. Luckily there are certain tell-tale signs which if observed should be a wake-up call for parents to arrange immediate psychological counseling and disciplinary measures. We shall begin with the Macdonald Triad, the 3 basic child behavior anomalies which were symptoms credited to be observed and understood first by the American psychiatrist J.M Macdonald. Macdonald analyzed the behavior of 100 criminals to make his deduction.

WheeBuzz shows you the signs your child may become a psychopath.

1. Animal cruelty

Animals are the weakness for any normal child and every kid gravitates to kittens and puppies or even small birds. If you have a wayward kid who is rude to animals but stops his behavior after it is explained that it is wrong to harass animals, then it’s a danger averted. But if the child still hurts or even kills animals for pleasure, then it’s time to take notice. The connection between animal abuse and psychopathic behavior is very obvious according to the FBI as they keep an animal abuse records seriously by kids. Jeffery Dahmer is the best example, in this case, who was a classic criminal with a history of animal abuse.

2. A love for arsons

Arson is a crime which means setting property or people on fire deliberately and if your kids love to burn stuff they might be suffering from a mental condition of pyromania which means an avid attraction to destroy things and lives by fire. It’s the easiest way of any psychopath to show their anger or rebellion.

3. Enuresis

Involuntary urination or bedwetting is a common problem with many kids and most of them are embarrassed about it. At most, it becomes a topic of family jokes and laughs but it should be taken seriously as it also is the sign the child might grow up to be a dangerous criminal. Especially if the child continues bedwetting over the age of 6 they should be treated medically as well as psychologically and not made fun of. The humiliation makes the kid angry and this anger makes them lethal when they grow up as they do not mature or heal from the insults faced as kids regarding their problems from their family and friends and become an aloof, hateful and vengeful individual.

4. Violations of rules

Apart from the above 3 symptoms, there are more behavioral symptoms which can be identified and observed as disturbing in a kid and should be controlled.

Every kid has broken a rules or committed a mistake for which they had to face the music in school or by parents. But if the kid continues breaking the rules just to annoy the parents or authorities or worse starts deriving pleasure out of it, then something is seriously wrong with the kid. Usually in such cases committing a crime or breaking the rules isn’t considered a big deal for a psychopath kid because it is a source of pleasure and immense satisfaction. It is fun for them to see other people suffer or get angry by their mischief and they love negative attention too.

5. Lying without remorse

Some kids usually lie a lot, most of the time to dodge punishments or blame for any mischief. If a kid is scared of the consequences of his actions he would lie and it’s logical but there are kids who are pathological liars as they lie for fun and they do it quite convincingly. Pathological liars are very confident and great actors and derive pleasure out of the fact they can manipulate a grown-up with their lie. On the other hand, if caught instead of being scared or sorry they react violently or hysterically which is also manipulative behavior and should be treated psychologically.

6. Bullying

Any kid who is a stronger or bigger than the rest of the class starts developing a physical superiority complex and starts dominating other kids around because of the physical advantages. This is a general human trait and the moment they come across someone stronger than them they become subservient but if the child is a vicious bully regardless of the physical advantage, they may hurt other kids with brain games. They are also emotionally violent as well as successful in escaping any blame. This includes girls who can resort to lies, false rumors and false blame to get any other kid in trouble. The fact that the other kid is humiliated is  entertainment for them and this is the beginning of psychotic behavior.

7. Insensitivity

As explained succinctly by Senior Psychologist Heather Irvin, that psychopaths usually are not made overnight they slowly and gradually develop into the monsters from their very formative years. If they are subjected to domestic violence at home or see violent relations as a kid or in the neighborhood they start accepting it as normal. They have an embedded conception in the mind that no one cares for them so they do not need to care as well, that’s why they are usually nor scared or stressed regarding committing a crime or even after getting caught they seldom show any sign of guilt or remorse.

8. Hurting others

For a normal, healthy child it is an absolutely horrific idea to hurt or maim someone much less another human being just for fun. Our conscience never allows us to go the entire way. But psychopaths won’t be thinking in the same way and hurting whoever comes in their way is just for the adrenaline rush and fun. The most dangerous part is that they do not mind hurting themselves either. The case to prove is the famous Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris who had a normal upbringing in a high end family but they were the most infamous criminals.

9. Extreme tantrums

Kids are synonymous with tantrums and sometimes they do fill the house with happiness as nobody likes a silent brooding kid who does not care for anything. But these meltdowns and tantrums are attributed to hunger or exhaustion, and irritation. Sometimes a kid can be seen as a kind of a pain in the neck because they want attention or the time they are jealous of a new sibling or even a pet getting more attention to them. Attention deficit syndrome is the biggest trigger to a messed up brain. A psychotic kid does such things this for attention and derives pleasure when everyone is fussing about them even if it means punishment or dressing down by their peers or parents. Their behavior causes stress in the family and they start manipulating teachers or parents and get whatever they want.  It’s also a way to punish parents for their petty jealousies.

10. Being manipulative

The textbook symptoms of ANY psychopath are their ability to manipulate others to get what they want no matter what the consequence. They would lie, use guilt trips and even sentimental hysterics to get want. Psycho kids learn it early manipulating parents against each other. They showcase bipolar tendencies to create a wedge between the family members, make no mistake psychopaths are expert in socializing and are most well behaved and polished kids around if they need to be and it’s their charm which mostly gets whatever their want which is a part of an insidious plan.

11. Constantly needing stimulation

Children have low attention spans and are always in need of new adventures and thrills all the time, that’s why they are always flighty and need fun activities to keep them engaged all the time. Though busy parents sometimes are to be partially blamed for the kids to get bored and get destructive in their absence just to keep them occupied. No wonder they find their apartment trashed when they return from work. A psychotic kid when bored will be a mischievous child as they hate routine, and ruts. This leads to impulsive actions which is usually destructive.

12. Blaming others

It’s a common household scene involving a wayward child…When caught red-handed doing mischief or caught lying they may scream their lungs out and blame it on someone else. Some kids do it to avoid retribution or the sheer embarrassment of getting caught red-handed. But in a kid who has psychopath tendencies, blaming others is an art and they are never at fault, in fact, they are the victims instead. They will be confident and defiant in their claims without any sign of weakness or remorse.

13. Not bothered by punishments

A normal kid is always afraid of punishment even it’s just a tongue-lashing from their parents. They hate to be chastised and avoid putting themselves in the same positions again. But with a psychopathic kid, punishment or a dressing down means nothing and they find it amusing. Since their brain is wired differently, they do not get it that it’s to stop them from repeating their wrong doings. All they get is irritated by the temporary setback and it motivates to do more harm.


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Written by Andrew Alpin

Andrew Kevin Alpin is a senior content specialist from Kolkata, India. With a passion for writing from a very young age, he has 8 years of experience in content writing behind him. Apart from being well versed in several niches, Andrew’s forte is social media stories, news, health, fitness, parenting, entertainment, literature, philosophy, travel and food. With a penchant for writing poetry, he has also published a collection of poems written over years titled “Thy will be Done”. Andrew’s interests include reading, music and collecting occult and spiritual books.

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