12 Weird Fashion Life Hacks Every Girl Can’t Live Without

Wardrobe malfunction, this is probably the scariest thing for all independent young females whether professionals, working women, or fashionistas all across the world. It’s truly a calamity when your bra straps decide to do a peek-a-boo, publically! Embarrassing? Well, that’s the understatement of the century! But worry not. There is always some great tip or the other to counter these problems.

WheeBuzz gives you some easy fashion hacks which are a great help when you need some instant adjustments. They will certainly make your life easier.

1. Hide your bra straps with a paper clip.

We all love the off shoulder tops which are in vogue now and are quite a chick, BUT most of us do not have a strapless bra. Now instead of panicking a spending a bomb on buying a pair of new ones from lingerie shop hers what you can do with your existing normal bras. All you need is a paper clip, insert one strap of the bra on one end the repeat the process with the second too and voila! You have a racerback bra in seconds and ready to flaunt your new off shoulder dress.

2. Keep your underwear from showing.

The horrid panty lines, they have the potential to ruin your best of the dresses and that affects your looks in public in seconds as nothing hides under those flashbulbs. Either you choose to ditch the underwear completely (which is not an option with many ladies) or follow our hack and be liberated! Get yourself shape wears which hides the panty lines or strapless panties which have no visible lines and make you look like a diva.

3. Shave your sweater to get rid of fuzz balls.

We all have favorite ancient sweaters in our closet which we just cannot discard. But they are full of wear and tear and full of wool fuzz. So what do we do? Easy… get hold of the new razor and gently rub your sweater following the grain side. Be careful and slow so that it does not rip the fabric.

4. Put baking soda in your running shoes.

Shoe odor is the worst; it can have a damaging effect on your romantic as well as social life. But this curse can be fought easily with a free simple remedy which is in every household….yes its baking soda! Just wrap a bit of soda in a small piece of cloth and leave it overnight in the shoes (which are not leather or suede shoes as it would make it brittle). The morning after would be a pleasant surprise for all show wearers of the world!

5. Use a plastic drinking straw to prevent jewelry knots.


Necklaces have an uncanny habit of tangling themselves in the most inconvenient way all the time. Especially while packing and traveling, unraveling them is the most tedious and boring task which can be made easy by following this hack. All you need is a simple plastic drinking straw. Open the clasp of the chain and put it through the straw and then re-clasp the chain ends. And here you go… all your necklaces would be tangle free and safe forever.

6. Remove gum from your clothes.

You have a nasty gum sticking to your favorite jeans…Bummer right? But no this is not a crisis as it can be easily averted by a smart hack we are about to divulge to you. Take an ice cube, rub in the gum to cool it off and them simple scrape it off with a penknife. But whatever you do not try to peel off the gum without cooling it as it will permanently ruin the fabric.

7. Clean silver jewelry with ketchup.

It may sound it a bit whacky but trust us as this hack really works. All you need to do is to squeeze some ordinary ketchup on a piece of cloth and rub it on the silver, and slowly rub off the ketchup and be ready to be dazzled by the shine of your new cleaned silver jewelry.

8. Protect your hat from makeup transfers.

This goes for all the eternal hat fans all across the globe. Especially, women fans that have to deal with forehead makeup which ruins the front linings of the hat. Now how to save the hat? Easy… use adhesive puddings easily available in any cosmetic store these days and paste on the back line of your hat. This hack will not only keep your hat being slimy and dirty due to sweat and runny makeup but also increase the longevity as well.

9. Use Scotch tape to keep your bra in place.

Having trouble putting your bra stick at the right place especially if you are wearing a halterneck or a tank top? Well here is your answer double sided tapes…yes, you read it right. Place pieces of scotch tape at the back strap of your back and simply press your dress on top of it. Place the scotch tape on the sides of the breasts to keep your bra secure at the right position without giving a sneak- a- boo in case of a wider rimmed top.

10. Waterproof your shoes with beeswax.

You are a lover of trekking and hiking and keep getting your shoes drenched in the cascades which are super annoying as it takes ages to dry. Here is the solution, take a dry canvas or tennis shoes and liberally rub beeswax on its surface and then use a hair dryer to help it penetrate the surface. This will make your shoes super water resistant as well. But it would also block the pores and would not let our shoes transpire sweat so avoid this technique in summers.

11. Freeze your tight shoes to stretch them.

It may Sound counterintuitive but it really works! To stretch your tight pumps or stilettos, fill a waterproof zip lock and fill it with water and seal them carefully. Put these bags in the shoe crevices and stack them into your freezer, till the latter is frozen solid. Now put on your shoes and check the fit and you would be surprised how comfortable they are.

12. Apply nail polish to avoid green marks from a ring.

It’s usually some metal rings which are snug in your fingers turn the skin green or bluish black when trying to remove it. It looks scary, but actually, it’s a simple chemical reaction between acids and sweat of your skin reacting with the metal in the ring. In order to permanently remove this problem, just coat the ring with the transparent coat for clear nail enamel which would act as a barrier between the skin and the ring and the metal would never turn the color of the finger.


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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