12 Habits We Mistakenly Considered As Harmless

Eating too many inappropriate foods and going to sleep late can be extremely unhealthy for your lifestyle. These harmless habits can be a present danger for your health. Would you have ever thought that stifling your sneeze can make you land up in a hospital, or your focusing power can be decreased by chewing gum?

WheeBuzz provides you with a list of harmless habits which can be a great threat to your lifestyle.

1. Suppressing a sneeze

The blood vessels, respiratory system, brain, and even the esophagus can be affected in many ways. The dust particles, viruses, and bacteria can only be released from your system by sneezing. You stop your body from removing these particles by stifling your sneeze. Your nose can also be affected as they try to stop your nose from sneezing. When you hold your sneeze, it returns and it affects your hearing, damages your esophagus and also increases your blood pressure.

2. Using toothpicks to pick your teeth

Your gums can be severely damaged if you use a toothpick to clean your gums. Toothpicks are not suggested and like by a dentist. Your enamel will be not affected but it can be harmful to your gum. Dental floss should be used to keep your mouth clean but first, you should learn how to correctly use it.

3. Sleeping on the pillow face down*

Your facial skin, blood circulation, breathing, and spinal cord can be affected by sleeping with your face down. Though it is very comfortable, sleeping with your face down on your pillow can be very harmful. Breathing is difficult, blood doesn’t circulate properly, and the neck rests at an awkward position. This can be dangerous for your neck vertebrae. You may also get permanent wrinkles.

4. Shelling seeds with your teeth

Although seeds like sunflower seeds are tasty, your teeth and gallbladder can be damaged by shelling seeds with your teeth. The tooth damage caused by seed eaters can be distinguished by doctors when compared to normal tooth damage. If you’re suffering from gallbladder problems, you should completely avoid sunflower seeds. 100 grams of seed can give a calorific value of about 500kcal so think carefully before eating them.

5. Chewing on solid things

Constantly chewing on something solid can damage your mouth, teeth, and gums. You can damage your teeth enamel by chewing on pencils, pens, paperclips and other solid objects. You should avoid opening bottles with your teeth, chewing lollipops, nuts and ice cubes. There is also a possibility of getting an infection.

6. Delaying going to the bathroom

One of the most dangerous habits, your intestines, urinary system, and kidneys can get affected by holding yourself from going to the bathroom. In 2018, a young gamer from Great Britain had been hospitalized in June because he had spent around 8 hours playing a game without taking any breaks for going to the bathroom. The doctors thought that he had a cancer tumor because his bladder and intestines were extremely bloated. Doctors believe that you can have muscle injury if you hold it in too long and it can also lead to constipation and urinary tract infection.

7. Washing your hair with hot water

Hot water can cause damage to your hair and scalp. Most of us including you might enjoy having a hot water shower, but it’s time you should avoid doing so. Dizziness and headache can be caused by hot water showers. Another side effect is that the sebaceous gland present on the scalp starts functioning after hot water has reacted to it, thus making your hair extremely dirty.

8. Touching your face and rubbing your eyes

Your skin and eyes are most affected after you rub your face. Your hands can have a large number of contaminants and infections, imagine rubbing all that on your face? It can lead to various skin infections like herpes, acne, etc. Rubbing your eyes can lead conjunctivitis, which is an unpleasant and infectious disease as it causes the eyes to burn, inflame, become sensitive to light and tear.

9. Chewing bubble gum often

Chewing gum can lead to many problems in the teeth, stomach and even short-term memory. If you’re a frequent gum chewer then see the listed point on how it affects you.

  • The process of gastric juice production is stimulated by chewing gum. You should avoid chewing gum before eating. It can cause an ulcer or gastritis.
  • Your teeth are also harmed as the production of saliva is increased and it will consume your dental fillings and teeth.
  • Your memorizing power is also affected. While memory is improved for concentrating on long observation tasks, your short-term memory gets impaired and decreases your focus.

10. Reading while lying in bed

Your neck skin, eyes, and spinal cord are affected while reading in bed. You should follow these rules while lying bed. These instructions are pretty hard to keep up with but all these positions which have been warned of can lead to deep horizontal wrinkles on your neck.

  • The book should be at an appropriate distance from your eyes.
  • Avoid straining your neck and curving your back
  • Never lie on your sides and read as your eyes will be strained due to the constant change of distance between the eyes and the book.
  • Prevent reading on your belly because your spinal cord can get damaged in this awkward posture.

11. Licking small wounds and blowing on them

All of us have the habit of blowing and licking our wounds, but in actuality, the healing process is deeply affected. When you cut your finger by mistake, what is the first thing you do? You either blow on it or lick it. Scientists from Harvard University have found that a person’s mouth contains more than 600 different species of micro-organisms. Staphylococci and streptococci have to be present among these microorganisms. The perfect place for them to live on is the coagulated blood on the wound. You should always put medicine first on the wound or much more time will be required for your wound to heal.

12. Using a phone while in the bathroom

Your overall hygiene can be affected by using your phone in the bathroom. Reading books and newspapers can be just as harmful as using your phone. The veins get pressurized when you sit on the toilet for longer than 5 mins causing anal problems. The only reason how phones can be dangerous is that you have to take them everywhere you go after finishing in the bathroom. This increases and helps in the spreading of bacteria.


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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