12 Greatest unsolved mysteries of all time

The world is a strange place. With unsolved and unexplainable mysteries such as Bermuda Triangle and Stonehenge, it has rightly proved it so. Today, we bring you the 12 Greatest unsolved mysteries of all time.

1. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle, also referred as Devil’s triangle is considered the greatest unsolved mystery of all time. The western part of North Atlantic ocean, pointed with the island of Bermuda, Puerto Rico makes the triangle where several ships and planes have been reportedly vanished. Many Theories have been speculated, including the one of alien force.

2. Mary Celeste

Next in the list is Mary Celeste mystery. Mary Celeste was an american ship which started its voyage on November 7, 1872 along with ship Captain, his wife, 2 year old daughter and 8 crew members. After one month, on December 5, it was discovered with 6 months food and water supply, but with no person on board. The ship had no signs of struggle. What happened to those 11 people is still a mystery.

3. Jack the ripper

Roughly around 1888, there came out an astonishing case of a serial killer from the streets of London, who used to kill females. Most of his victims were prostitutes.

The world is clueless about the real identity of Jack the Ripper, and he was never caught.

4. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a very alluring and fascinating prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England. Stonehenge is a mysterious structure because it is unknown how and why it was created.

5. The loch Ness monster

People have been hearing for ages, about the Loch Ness monster living deep under water in Scotland. Over years, many sightings and photos have been checked. A number of theories have been emerged. Some people think it’s a member of dinosaur family. Some people believe it still exists and swim under water.

6. Taman Shud

In December 1948, a man was found dead in Somerton beach in Adelaide, Australia. In his pocket a piece of paper was found, written on it was “Taman Shud”, Which was translated as ‘finished’ or ‘ended’.

Neither the man has been identified, nor the mystery behind the words has been solved.

7. The Wow Signal

In August 1977, J R Ehman founded radio frequency supposedly coming from space. For a period of 72 seconds, he could get the signal from Sagittarius constellation, but could not get it again. Jerry R Ehman wrote the signals “wow”. No one knows where the Wow signals came from, and what was their origin.

8. Lost city of Atlantis

The mysterious lost city of Atlantis is said to vanished overnight. Theories have been evolved of the same. A major one says, that is was sunk into the deep. Plato has discussed the same during his time, through his works Timaeus and Critias.

9. Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones is knows as American version of Stonehenge. It was erected in 1979 with the ten Commandments written in English, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese,Russian and Spanish. Nobody knows for whom these commandments are written.

10. Harold Disappearance

Harold Holt was an Australian Prime Minister. In 1967, he went for a swim on an Australian beach and never came back. To find Harold, one of the largest Search operations in Australia was started. But he was presumed to drown. Nobody knows what exactly happened to him.

11. Malaysian Airlines flight 370

A recent case of 2014. Malaysian Airlines flight 370 departed from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 passengers and crew members. Prime Minister of Malaysia initiated the search operations but nothing found. A number of theories have been described one of them is conspiracy theory. Passengers, crew members and the flight itself was never seen again.

12. Taos Hum

Taos is a small town in New Mexico, people often hear buzz sounding like a distant diesel engine. No sound detection device has ever picked up. Although, it can be heard by naked ears. Nobody knows what’s the mystery behind it.



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