12 Celebrities With Most Expensive Body Parts

Celebrities do have cash to burn, but that does not always mean that they really spend insane amounts on something which can never be used. This article will bring forward 12 celebrities who got their body parts insured with insurance companies to dish out their own bodies!

1.Cristiano Ronaldo

This ace footballer got his powerful legs insured for $195 million. Top footballers are prone to hardcore attacks in playground and therefore, such bounds may ruin footballers’ career forever. In this sense, getting legs insured is a smart decision that can fill footballer’s pockets even while not playing on-ground.

2.Gene Simmons

This legendary guitarist got his tongue insured. He is famous for his singing all around the world and may be because of it, he thought of securing his iconic tongue and no other organs in his body.

3.Taylor Swift

She got her legs insured for $26.5 million. While Taylor remained demanding among busy schedules, she decided to get her toes insured. With a defining feature capable of knocking any guy from one door to the other, who would not love to secure such beautiful legs after all?

4.Miley Cyrus

Mostly, Miley pulls out her tongue like a defense mechanism when lot of cameras flash around her and she is unaware of what to do next. Well, to safeguard her defense mechanism she got it covered for $1 million.


Rihanna’s name is taken among-st bad ass celebrities as she takes no-shit-policies. Nevertheless, this girl made a smart move and got her sexy legs insured for $1 million. Now, while she gets lose on even one of her legs, she might get hold a lot of money.

6.Kim Kardashian

Insanely, Kim insured her butt for $21 million and to be honest, there is no explanation for it. Many magazines and media showed amazement, after all why to waste such an asset!

7.David Lee Roth

This guy decided to insure none other than his sperm for $1 million to prevent himself for any kind of lawsuit which might leave him penniless. Though, some reports say that he got his penis insured actually, thereby making his sex life secure forever.

8.David Beckham

This gentleman, ace footballer and a male model got his legs insured for $70 million. Such a huge amount is more than most of us could ever make in entire lives!

9.Mariah Carey

Unbelievably, Mariah got her legs insured for $1 billion. This singer who has always sung love songs had her feelings paid off when Gillette Razors got her legs insured for such a big amount.

10.Jennifer Lopez

She had again shocked the world by getting her butt insured for $27 million. This lady who started ‘booty craze’ insured her own backside. May be there are better and bigger ones around, but surely her will be the favorite among all and so her decision seems to be fair enough.

11.Julia Roberts

Julia is known for her bright smile and she knows that very well. So, this celebrity got her smile insured for $30 million. Considering broken teeth and cavities that might happen any time, she has an option to dish good amount of money out of it.

12.Daniel Craig

The James Bond decided to get his whole body insured after performing some serious stunts for his own movie, Quantum of Solace. Daniel insured his body for $9.5 million, and among all his decision seems to be the smartest.


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