12 Celebrities Who Displayed Their True Colors on Canvas

Actors rarely get to display their true colors in their art of acting because the more their own colors are subdued and that o characters are portrayed, better is their work. Mostly their own personalities and sometimes even their identities are overshadowed by the roles they play. But some actors are well talented in other arts as well which help them put the real self out there.

WheeBuzz brings you the list of 12 actors that are really good painters as well.

Here are some actors who are/were really good painters and have presented their work in the world for charity and other purposes.

1.  Dennis Hopper

The actor is known for his negative and intense shade roles in movies like Speed, Hoosiers, Blue Velvet, and Crash. But he is as much famous for his acting skills as much as his painting skills. Many of his works are said to be destroyed in a house fire in early 60’s but the actor kept painting his stylish abstract style impressions.

2.  Johnny Depp

While the man is most famous as The Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of Carribean series, but many know that he has as intense brush strokes as his eyes. His acting and his painting are in darker tones with no modesty of talent. Both his acting and painting skills well display the talent he possesses.

3.  Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu is an actress with well-chiseled looks and action pack performances. Her performances in Kill Bill and Charlie’s Angels are not just power packed but really enthralling. But oppose to her action movie image, her brush strokes are delicate and she makes beautiful abstract paintings with them.

4.  James Franco

Next in the list is The Wizard of The Oz famed James Franco. However, he had been part of many commercials as well as TV regular shows, but he rose to fame with his Harry Osborn in Spiderman. The Wizard of The Oz made him a fan favorite instantly. But not many know that he has tried his hand in painting as well and maybe soon the world will take his art as much welcomingly like his acting.

5.  Anthony Hopkins

The next name is of the actor with the knighthood, Sir Anthony Hopkins. His acting in The Silence of The Lambs as Hannibal Lector made him immortal in the industry while winning him awards not just in the movie but its prequel and sequel as well. He has very strong artistic skills that are well visible in his style of paintings.

6.  Sylvester Stallone

The name Sylvester Stallone represents strong, action-packed, intense roles in Rocky, Rambo and so many more. The actor has half the world as his fan following. This was evident in the two death hoaxes that were spread in the name of his. While he is an amazing actor, he has tried his hand in painting as well and the paintings were put out to exhibitions.

Paintings By Sylvester Stallone Go On Display

Legendary Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone unveiled an exhibition of his artwork at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg on Sunday (October 27) to crowds of people who stood in long lines to see the star’s paintings. Thirty-six paintings, created over 40 years, are on display at the museum which boasts the biggest collection of Russian art in the world.

Paintings By Sylvester Stallone Go On Display

7.  Shahrukh Khan

The second richest actor in the world is well known for his movies as well his romantic cute gestures and witty, tongue in cheek humor. He has an amazing fan following and what it’s worth more than half of them are females of all the settings of the world. But very few may really know that the actor had lent a hand in the famous painting by collaborating with MF Hussain for raising funds for Tehelka charity.

8.  Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was herself a beautiful painting alive and breathing in the world. Her delicate features and beautiful looks made her instant hit and bagged her nickname of ‘Blonde Bombshell’. But not many know that her painting, though not as much famous as the famous Subway Grate Scene on the Seven Year Itch, was as delicately skilled as she was.

9.  Salman Khan

Another Bollywood hottie that makes to this list is Salman Khan. The man is known for his hot body, a temperamental attitude, and his charity Being Human along with his movies. For Being Human the actor has created many masterpieces and donated them.

10.  Yoko Ono

The famous Japanese performance artist, multimedia artist, songwriter, and activist is also known as the widow of John Lennon from The Beatles. She is active in charity and her abstract paintings are sold to proceed charity for people.

11. Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn was a Mexican actor and songwriter who was famous for his paintings as well. He was a very acclaimed actor while his paintings were very famous that many art critics appraised them. Art critic Donald Kuspit stated for his painting,

“Examining Quinn’s many expressions of creativity together—his art, collecting, and acting—we can see that he was a creative genius”

12.  Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has been outspoken about his feelings in both his acting and now on twitter via his paintings and caricatures. His amazing acting in Bruce Almighty, The Mask, Liar Liar, The Truman Show and many others gained him a huge fan following. The latest of his caricature in the discussions is the one of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Jim Carrey displays his hatred towards the reign of Trump and the caricature is in the lead of the same.

A person should never be afraid of showing his true colors, especially if they are beautiful and bright and if they can be recorded on a canvas, what can be better?


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