12 Biggest and Embarrassing Mistakes That Will Remain In History Forever

Ever made a monumental mistake for which you had to be embarrassed or reprimanded severely? No matter what you do the experience of making that mistake just doesn’t wash away and you feel like a fool under the sun incapable of rational decisions? Well if your small mistake… (And yes after reading this article all your mistakes would seem small) makes you feel terrible about yourself.

WheeBuzz brings you 11 historical mistakes which changed the course of history forever.

1. Leaning Tower of Pisa

Well this tower was not meant to be famous for the reason it is famous today ironically. It was constructed as a church bell tower in 1173 when the construction started. By the time the men reached the 3rd floor of the tower it slowly started sinking to its side. Thanks to the engineering miscalculation of the soil stability before it was made. The base soil was too soft for the weight of the building and it started shifting by 1178 by which time the tower had lost its central position.

2. Mars orbiter

Nasa managed to lose its multibillion-dollar Mars orbiter satellite in space because its mixed up the metric system it was using on board the ship and the one which was used on land. The spacecraft was using metric-Newton-seconds as unit whereas ground staff was using imperial-pound-seconds to measure the impulse. This mismatch costed them the entire space shuttle.

3. Titanic×450/79/4679-004-8C0793EF.jpg


According to the shipping regulations and the passengers’ capacity which was 1060 in Titanic, it was supposed to be carrying 32 lifeboats but the number was reduced to mere 20 because it was aesthetically unsuitable for the deck of ship, making it look too cluttered and were rather needless as the ship was “unsinkable”

4. Australia

The Dutch Willem de Vlamingh did land on the coast of Australia near Perth in 1697-7. But mostly they were disappointed by the seemingly barren landscapes of the coastline and made hasty judgment of leaving the place entirely. In fact Parliamentary governors also warned him to not get emotional as it could be a logical place to settle which was ignored by the mission.

5. Alaska

The Crimean war had drained the Russian coffers and Russia did not want to lose Alaska to Great Britain. Instead it made a desperate deal with its still friend USA to buy the land. Alaska as a full time in habitation area and just it wrongly thought it to be great burden on them during that time and decided to pay off the load to which greatly benefitted USA.

6. Hindenburg tragedy

The conclusion which was ascertained by the German and American investigators on the crash site of 1937 was finally reaffirmed 80 years later that an electrostatic discharge ignited the leaking hydrogen which caused the crash. This leak was overlooked killing many people

7. Chernobyl reactor

Chernobyl had major design flaws and human error was the overriding cause for the calamity it caused. it was not only the operators errors but also the fatal design flaws in the reactors design which magnified the damage.

8. Alexander the Great

When Alexander lay on his deathbed his son was still a few months due to being born and he had no way to know whether he would be eligible for the throne as he was a half Bactrian. His indecision did the damage and he died before making his son the king and as a result the whole of empire was lost just like that.

9. Harry Potter

The most sought-after publishing houses in London rejected Harry Potter script with scathing remarks on her writing skill and advised her to join writing school instead! Till Bloomsbury published it and rest is history and so is the monumental slap on the faces on all those who rejected her and they have to live with this error of judgment forever.

10. A Wrong Turn

If only the driver did not take the fateful wrong turn that made Archduke Franz Ferdinand the direct target for Gavrilo Princip the assassin, the world history could have been devoid of the bloodbath of First World War.

11. Austrian Army

The bloodiest version of a self-goal which, cost thousands of lives when the Austrian army made a monumentally embarrassing and tragic mistake of opening fire on its own troops killing 10,000 of their own people. It was The Battle of Karánsebes took place on the evening of 17 September 1788, between different portions of an Austrian army which was supposed to be fighting the Ottoman Empire.

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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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