11 Will They Won’t They TV Couples We Want More Of

While we watch the television shows, we invest in their characters and sometimes grow with them. Most of the American series run for an average time period of four years and during those years the characters grow, go through transformations, lose love, even lose weight, see the life and fall in lots of love…lots and lots of love sometimes. These couples portray their emotions so well and so realistically we fall in love with them as well.

But only a few of those have such amazing chemistry that you can feel it pulsating in your veins as well. The love that they fake on screen, we really feel in our heart.

WheeBuzz brings you a list of the most loved will they won’t they TV couples that people loved and still love even when the series is over.

11. Frasier and Roz, Frasier

The best of cute friends in the series Frasier took forever to finally realize they need to hook up…and then they decided that was a mistake. It was one hell of a blow to the people who loved them and wanted them together. But of course, the dance was really good.

10. Harvey and Donna, Suits

You gotta love the crime dramas, their romance quotient is really high. That’s why there are so many of the most loved couples from the crime shows. Like Harvey and Donna, high power, high energy and very high level of tension. Exactly the way we like.

9. Spike and Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Vampires, the most romantic non-human creatures proven by Twilight. Bloodsucking creatures which when turning moralistic go to bizarre levels to protect. Now we love the series for giving us, Angel and David Boreanaz. But we love them for their cute relation of Spike and Buffy.

8. Shawn and Juliet, Psych

Has something to do with crime dramas I told you, this couple was not partners in the crime-solving, but really close to that. The tension was as apparent that they actually were a couple throughout the show and long after that. So the chemistry was real.

7. Emma and Hook, Once Upon A Time

Nothing says eternal love as much as a fantasy fairy tail. Now if the name starts with ONCE UPON A TIME, it has to be eternal. Add upon it Cinderella, Snow White and Princes in real life..

6. Castle and Beckett, Castle

Another crime drama and a personal favorite, Castle is an amazing mystery novelist, brooding and rugedly handsome, and Beckett has a brooding past. Steam flies and hot sighs, this is a strong couple with a pair of two equals but poles apart people.

5. Meredith Grey and Derek Shephard, Grey’s Anatomy

If you knew what happened in the on-call room most o the time, you would have been a doctor too, right? Well they did and they found each other. their character survived so many losses and lives and cases and the extra set of wives, but they had eyes on them from a lot of women in the world so they made it. No matter they called him McDreamy.

4. Jemma and Fitz, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

They were introduced as such good friends that they looked like one person in the first episode. They slowly developed into two individuals who never want to stay apart even if they can manage it. Two people who agree to disagree but never go apart.

3. Nick and Jess, New Girl

If you think funny people can’t bring sparks to life, you are wrong. Nick and Jess and their chemistry gives out so many sparks flying out. Two weird people becoming weird together, helping each other and giving support to each other even when it meant to take personal loss. Love love friendship relationship they had was amazing,

2. Ross and Rachel, Friends 

There are few couples that actually give out such an amazing chemistry that everybody in the audience cries and so does everybody on set if they fall apart. Rachel and Ross had this, on again off again relationship, the first guy to be friendzoned and break out of the zone with the same person 4 times. He ended up with the same girl because you know it was meant to be. How could it not be? They were each other’s lobsters.

1. Booth and Bones, Bones

The awesome hot FBI agent and the cute forensic anthropologist and the gruesome gruesome crime scenes. He was damaged and she was damaged, but they came together when they were ready and made it everything they could hope for. Once together they never set eyes on anyone else. A relationship worth the wait and snippets of all the tension between them. While he helped her grow as a human, she helped him right back. Between serial killers, and dead corpses, killers and twisted politicians, they found each other. The couple on which all the will they won’t they couples are based, especially the crime drama ones.

Personally, I love them, some more than others and never wanted them to end. But now that they have ended, they make to the epic couples list.



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