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11 Makeup Trends That Make You Think Why They Even Started In First Place

There are lots of women who wanted to do something new when it comes to makeup, and it’s a good thing too. Trying or inventing new things helps to find something better, and also it’s extremely important as well. But, There are some trends that were so weird to digest. Those trends are just weird but it will also be going to make you wonder that why such trends even started at first place? Here, we are listing all those awful, strange and never should happen again kind of makeup trends

Wheebuzz is presenting the list of worst makeup trends that ever introduced to us, here we are presenting the list of 11 makeup trends.

#1 3D Nail Art

Well, Nail art is pretty cool. There are so many nail arts that look extremely beautiful but 3D Nail art was something that should never happen again.

#2 Glitter Lips

This trend was not just extreme bad but also harm lips as it will going to destroy and bruised. And why you even put so much glitter on lips? What are you planning to switch your lips in place of Disco Ball?

#3 Eyebrow Art

Seriously? That is one of the most trending things that women are doing. That thing not just looks weird on the face but its also waste of time.

#4 Nostril Hair Extension

Extensions are cool for hairs but for the nose? No! also, what if you have a tickling thing? How you are going to deal with it when these extensions on your nose.

#5 Floral Eye Makeup

It looks really good but you really want to go outside with a garden on your eyes? Floral makeup is on trend, women trying different other similar things on eyes which looks a pure disaster.

#6 Highlighter On Face

Such trends raise a question that is we really running out from new ideas? Why put so much highlighter on the face which looks extremely strange. Also, it harms the skin on so many levels. However, Highlighters look fine if you apply on face with a balance.

#7 Glitter Tongue

Glitter tongue is one of the most unhealthy and harmful things that is not for fun. Thr particles will damage your tongue, even it can cause some serious disease in your body

#8 Lollipop Lips

Basically, you have to smug your lipstick all over your lips and you will get the most trending lollipop lips at home.  But it is the weirdest trend that ever started!

#9 Glitter Hair Roots

It’s not bad to say that we are getting obsessed with Glitters, well now women are also started using glitter in hair. This can damage your hair; also cause problems like Dandruff and lice. Apart from this, it can cause some major allergies and boost hair falls.

#10 Hairy Nail

Another trend that makes no sense at all, why you want to have hairy nails? It can cause problems and also can be unhygienic for health.

#11 Frickles

Natural freckles look beautiful, but too many freckles look really weird on the face.Not just that,  women are also crazy about colored freckles which are more weirder than this.


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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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