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11 Facts You Never Knew About Classic Blue Willow China

Most of us have seen the distinct Blue Willow china pattern lining a shelf or two in our homes growing up.There have been a lot of myths and misconceptions about their background over the years, so I decided to get to the truth of them. For instance, you won’t believe how much some sellers are able to earn for certain mint-condition versions of the china. And do you know the truth behind the romantic story that’s depicted on the most popular versions?Take a look and chances are you’ll be just as shocked as I was to finally get a glimpse behind the gorgeous Blue Willow china design.tter. Along the way, I uncovered more surprising facts about them.

1. The Designs Aren’t Actually Chinesee Blue Willow design than I expected.

2. The Romantic Story Behind The Design Is A Lie

3. They Inspired An Opera

4. True Willow Patterns Have A Few Requirements

5. The Trees Aren’t Apple Or Orange

6. They Were The Original “Blue Plate Special”

7. They Come In Other Colors

8. The Birds Are More Plump In Certain Versions

9. They’ve Never Gone Out Of Style

10. There Are Annual Conventions For Collectors

11. Mint Condition Designs Can Fetch A Pretty Penny

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