11 Amazing Scientific Facts That Nobody Believes are True

People think that science is really boring. Manu of us have actually slept on the science books and had had neck cramps because of those. But most of us know that everything that we use and depend on was once a scientist’s dream that came true. So there are many scientific facts which may go above our head, but are amazing and as real as the science itself.

WheeBuzz brings you amazing and mindblowing scientific facts that’ll make you recheck your eyes twice.

11. Human population can be fit into an apple

If we could get rid of the empty space in atoms, the interstitial spaces around the nucleus, all of humanity would fit into an apple. That’s right, in an apple. This is because atoms are 99.9% of empty space. Apparently, all of us have a lot of empty space inside us. So the next time your girlfriend says, “You are empty inside.” Be proud of having a smart girlfriend.

10. Universe tastes of raspberries

When a scientist studied the chemical composition of a cloud in the mid of the milky way, he found a chemical component, ethyl formate, found in raspberries. The sweet compound, he discovered later, is found in abundance in many places in the universe. So, it is quite possible that if you could actually taste the universe, it will taste like raspberry.

9. Egg White is one of the most slippery substance

Egg white is the most slippery substance in the world. That’s the reason it is present in the most complex machine in the world; human body. It is present in the synovial fluid that rests in your knee joint. This lubricates your knee so you can work like you do.

8. The largest population in the world is of mushroom

The biggest living organism in the world is a mushroom. This is a humongous fungus that grows in the area of 2200 acres which is as much as 1665 football fields put together. It is a very primitive species in the world.

7. Flees can go to space

A flee can jump at the speed of 3.14 inches per millisecond. This acceleration is 50 times the acceleration of a space shuttle. So if flees can maintain the speed, they can actually overcome the gravitational force and get to space. It’s high time they discover how to make oxygen tanks.

6. Human lungs can cover tennis court

If human lungs, every aveoli can be opened flat, they can cover the whole tennis court. The whole court covered by a human lung tissue lining. ew.. Also, lungs are so light in weight and full of air compartments, they can actually float on water.

5. Archerfish can recognize faces

While fishes are fishes and fishes can not actually recognize you. But archerfishes can recognize people by their faces and be accurate up to 80% chances. So if you keep em in your aquarium, it’s possible they’ll recognize your morning face, so better to put make up before joining them.

4. Eiffel Tower changes height in different weathers

The height of the Eiffel Tower changes depending on the weather. In the summer heat, it can get 5.9 inches taller. So if you want to climb the tower, climb it in the winters. The metal tower shrinks down in winters.

3. Cavefish has a structure that can enable them to walk

The cavefish can walk and climb thanks to its tetrapod-like pelvis. The skeletal structure is very important to walk properly and cavefish has it which can support it to walk.

2. Static of the TV is voice of big bang

The big bang was the huge explosion of light which made our universe. Today even on our TV we can hear the expanding explosion in the form of the static. this is because our TV receives the signal and when it does not receive signals from the planned one, it does from the unplanned one.

1. Brain needs energy equivalent to a 10 watt lightbulb

No matter you are asleep or awake, your brain needs an energy as much as a 10 watt light bulb to work. Brain is the most important part of human body controlling everything in that complex machine and runs on only as much energy. So next time you see your light bulb lighting up when an idea strikes you, it is probably your buld recieved more than 10 W.

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