11 Actors Who Refused to Shoot Scenes Together

While filming on a set things can sometimes get quite heated between actors. Some of them push through these situations, but there are times when many simply walk off the set. They often do not return, which forces editors to try to come up with creative ideas on how to finish the project without them having to be in the same scenes as their detested co-stars.

WheeBuzz gives you 10 movies where actors heated feuds got in the way of shooting scenes together-

1. The Fate of the Furious- Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel,width-1070,height-580,imgsize-117380,overlay-etpanache/photo.jpg

Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel’s feud during the shoot of “The Fate of the Furious” even became public. It was spurred by a video posted by Johnson on Instagram, in celebration of his last week of the movie’s shooting. The caption that followed sparked the feud between the male co-stars, as in the caption Johnson disclosed that there had been some drama between him and his male co-stars on set.

Not too long after this reports were out accusing both Johnson and Diesel of behaving like divas on set. Furthermore, it is easily noticeable in the movie that these two are never in the same scene together, unlike in the previous ones. There is, however, a scene in which their characters are seen communicating over the phone, but that’s it.

2. The Good Wife- Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi,c_limit/good-wife-revenge-archie-panjabi.jpg

In a pilot episode of the show their characters- Alicia and Kalinda met and started being friends. However, the actresses weren’t able to stand each other for long and this relationship gradually devolved. The fact that they never appeared in the same scene together for almost 30 episodes made the headlines. But by showing their characters primarily communicating over the phone they managed to get away with it.

Archie Panjabi was then eventually written off the show, with their final scene together being filmed in a split screen.

3. The Lords of Flatbush- Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere

These two were meant to star in a comedy together but unfortunately weren’t able to get along. According to Stallone, the breaking point came when Gere spilled hotdog grease on him and was fired soon after, only to be replaced by Perry King.

4. Anger Management- Selma Blair and Charlie Sheen

On Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom the two of them played love interests. However, things soon went wrong between the two and Sheen was reported to have fired her through text while using the word “c*nt”. The reason behind their falling out was because the actress had brought his work ethic into question.

5. I Love Trouble- Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte 


While the two of them were meant to act out falling in love on screen, in reality, they were arguing pretty bad. They even filmed separately and had stand-ins to shoot their scenes together. In 1993, reports claimed that Julia Roberts had described Nick Nolte as “completely disgusting”.

6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air- Will Smith and Janet Hubert

Janet out played the character of Aunt Viv. when the show started. After season 3, she was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid. The reason was never disclosed but she couldn’t get along with Will Smith resulting in their feud continuing even till this day. Smith explained the reason on a news station when the news of Hubert leaving came out.

7. Charlie’s Angels- Bill Murray and Lucy Liu

This feud might be a bit of a surprise, but the comedian is extremely difficult to work along with. It was also reported that while working on the remake Bill told Lucy she couldn’t act and she had allegedly thrown a few punches at him. This may be the reason why he never returned for the sequel. But, he claimed that this was not exactly how things went down.

8. Charmed- Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty

On the witch show, the two of them were a part of the lead cast. But, the studio soon needed to get a mediator to resolve things between the two since things started getting too tense between them. Even that failed and finally, it was Doherty who got written off the show. The drama was later revealed by Milano to Entertainment Tonight.

9. Glee- Naya Rivera and Lea Michele

They starred as friends while on the screen of the musical show but by the end they couldn’t get along. It was reported that they had a heated argument on set due to the fact that the whole crew including Naya Rivera had allegedly been waiting on Lea Michele. But it was Rivera who got written off the show as has been stated by Michele, the reason being that their feud was getting too out of control, making them incapable of filming together. Later, in her book “Sorry Not Sorry”, Rivera wrote about their feud.

10. Orphans- Alec Baldwin and Shia Labeouf

Even whilst working together on the play the co-stars weren’t able to get along. It was reported by Baldwin that Shia Labeouf seemed angry because it was taking him quite some time to catch up on his lines. But when director Dan Sullivan was told by Baldwin that one of them had to be let off, Labeouf was the one to go.

11. Blade Trinity- Wesley Snipes and Everyone Else×540/entertainment/better_look/worst-actors-to-work-with/6-6-wesley-snipes-blade-trinity-1470322800.jpg

It was reported that Wesley Snipes behaved like a diva on the set, refusing to work alongside many of his co-stars in the movie. Patton said that he only ever came down for the close-ups while Oswald told The A. V. Club that most of the stuff was done by his stand-in and that he had only done one scene with him. Later, the actor even mentioned that since Wesley was hardly ever there, Ryan Reynolds had most of the lines.

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