10 Weird But True Signs To Tell If a Person Is Intelligent According To Scientists

The debate on indicators of intelligent never stops with scientists producing more evidence towards the same. The latest indicators compiled by psychology experts is surprising where your height, weight, fingers, your color of your pupils, your mannerisms and behavior are all considered indicators of intelligence.

Now WheeBuzz  brings to you a list of scientists who reveal 121 weird signs of intelligence

 1. You prefer to spend time alone

Research has shown that intelligent people don’t like to socialize because they may find it too tiring, they don’t need large groups of friends and instead prefer a quiet time alone at home. Intelligent people even talk to themselves a lot which does not signify craziness but intelligence.

2. You started reading early

If you started reading at an early age, it is a sign of intelligence according to British scientists Stuart.J.Richie, Timothy C Bates and Robert Plomin. But then it’s logical to regard the fact that learning to read early will fill you with more knowledge at an early age.

3. You have above average height

Studies at Princeton University revealed that taller children scored higher marks on IQ tests and were better off in adulthood. Steve Jobs was 6.2 ft

This tendency can be seen in early childhood: fast-growing 3-year-olds do better on different tests than their shorter peers.

4. You attended music school

A study revealed that children taking different music lessons possessed a higher IQ than those who did not or those who only took drama classes.

5. You are not overweight or obese

A 2006 study revealed a huge relation between BMI or body mass index and brain function. Those with above average BMI had lower IQ than those who did not. French scientists concluded from data that studied 2,200 participants over 5 years that the waist circumference and high IQ levels were related. Another observation was that higher IQ people had better jobs and resources to health care to maintain health.

6. You don’t like working out.

Researchers found that intellectual people were less active. Those with lower cognitive abilities worked out frequently. This is because those with high IQ follow activities that require mental effort rather than physical. But this is a bad disadvantage which makes such people ultimately overweight and that will negatively impact IQ. Moderate exercise is always necessary for focus and good health.

7. You’re sensitive to sounds.

Creaking floors, heavy breathing chewing noises and crunching upset those with higher IQ’s because they were distracted by them. This was proved by a study at Helsinki University. This condition is called misophony that creates changes in the activity of the brain to make people upset with noises such as crunching of chips.

8. Your ring finger is longer than the index finger

Norwegian studies found that those with longer ring fingers were better adept at mathematics but floundered with verbal assignments. Cambridge University studies found that those with ring fingers longer than their index fingers  had higher incomes

9.  You often feel anxious and panic.

Researched from Psychologists from Herzliya found that people who are pessimistic because of unpleasant situations that happen in their heads. They say that intelligent people are used to analyzing past events and pay more attention to the future.

10. You swear a lot.


This sounds weird but abusive language is a sign of intellect. It could most probably be due to the mastery of a vast vocabulary where intelligent people use several words to express their emotions, especially when mad. This was proved by a study by psychologists in Marist College that show dedicated people were prone to swearing a lot.

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Written by Andrew Alpin

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