10 Phantom Ships That Continue to Haunt The Oceans

One of the main mysteries of the oceans which have still not been solved are Phantom ships. A normal person can be scared to death if a sailor tells him a story about any of these ghost ships. Some might tell the truth from their own experience. These vessels never have any passengers or crew members. They usually appear from a distance and then disappear in the mist. There’s a list of 10 ghost ships that still haunt the oceans even today.

WheeBuzz brings you 10 phantom ships that haunt the oceans.

1. The Caleuche

The southern parts of Chile are haunted by one of the most famous ships,” The Calueche”. The ship is said to be seen every night close to the coast of island Chiloe. This island is situated off the coast of Chile. The spirits of those people who had died aboard on that ship is present in the water, and thus the ship is only seen in those waters.

2. The SS Valencia

The only ocean liner that was built to connect Venezuela and new york in its time was the SS Valencia. It also was used as a troopship during the Spanish-American War. In 1906, the ship had sunk in Vancouver off the coast of British Columbia. Then it was famous for being one of the most haunted ships. Near the cape of Mendocino, it had experienced a horrible wear which made it drift off its course. Only 37 people survived when the ship sank. A life raft was spotted by a local fisherman and recently, another raft was found close to Barkley Sound.

3. The Ourang Medan

This ship had a very unfortunate crash and lost all its crew members mysteriously in Indonesian water. This is one of the scariest tales of phantom ships. A call of distress had been sent to 2 US ships but from the ghost ship off the Malaysian coast. All the crew members are believed to be dead. “I die” were the last words from the transmission sent from the phantom ship.

4. The Carroll A. Deering

The Carroll A. Deering is considered to be one of the scariest ships in the eastern hemisphere. In 1921, it had sunk in North Carolina. The coastguards had heard the crash and reached there to help, but there were, unfortunately, no crew members on board. There were even no passengers or lifeboats, the vessel just sank.

5. The Baychimo

One of the most famous phantom cargo ships is Baychimo. In 1914, The Hudson bay company had built this ship in Sweden which was used to trade pelts near the Victoria Island coast. For forty years, the ship has been lying abandoned near Alaska. The ship has been continuously drifting since then it was boarded and it went missing again. In 1969, it had last been seen.

6. The Octavius

The story of Octavius is considered to be a myth instead of it being a story. It is still one of the most famous ghost ships. In 1775, the Octavius was one of the ships that used to hunt down whales. All the passengers and crew members froze to death leaving the ship abandoned. It is said that the captain had frozen while being frozen at his desk. For 13 years, the ship had been drifting until it was discovered by other sailors.

7. The Joyita

In 1955 this boat was discovered, it served the purpose of being a fishing and charter boat but it was floating abandoned. 25 passengers along with the crew members were all missing. It was located 600 miles away from its original destination. No human was found on that ship. The Joyita is considered as one of scariest ships in this century.

8. The Lady Lovibond

One of the most famous ghost ships that is found near the United Kingdom is the ‘The Lady Lovibond’. The Story behind it is that in 1748, the captain was celebrating his marriage on the ship but the first mate of his wife had crushed the skull of the guy steering the ship and paced the ship into the Goodwin sands- Quicksand.  Everyone had died but Near Kent, it still sails.

9. The Mary Celeste*si_4e2A39TlAJiWVA6f5xA.jpeg

In 1872, Mary Celeste was found sailing near the Atlantic Ocean. It was found in a very perfect condition but it is considered as a ghost ship. There are no lifeboats but there is no place in the cargo hold. The ship was abandoned but there had not been any signs of battles or mutiny. The personal belongings of all the crew members and passengers had never been touched. It has the rank of one of the phantom ship that is the most mysterious.

10. The Flying Dutchman×362.jpg

One of the most famous ghost ships is the ‘Flying Dutchman’. Many sailors and fishermen have told the story about the Flying Dutchman during the 1700s. Even Today, This ship and its monster crew have been spotted In the ocean. The prince of Whales has also spotted this ship.


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Written by Andrew Alpin

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