10 Most Popular WWE Stars of All Time!

Picking up 10 most popular WWE stars of all time is a very painful task but today, we have come up with that only. World Wide Entertainment is one of the most popular arenas in entertainment, and here greatest of all time are very few. Okay, so without wasting much time, let me tell you the ten most popular WWE stars of all time. Check the list only on Wheebuzz.

10. Rey Mysterio

Born with the name Oscar Gutierrez, Rey Mysterio is one of the most popular wresters, and here is no doubt about it. He is a Mexican-American WWE star who is known for his unique wrestling style. One of the reasons why people love him is that he is too mysterious in himself.

9. Stone Cold

We know him by the pair with Goldberg. He is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Stone Cold or Steve Austin is now a retired wrestler. Along with that he is a television and media personality who will remain a really big name in the wrestling entertainment industry.

8. The Rock

It is no surprise that we know our retired WWE wrestler as Dwayne Johnson who is currently one of the most popular and highest paid actors. Also, he is one of the greatest names in the wrestling world. At his time, he was a real gem in WWE.

7. Batista

One of the most talked about things about Batista is his traps. Beginning his wrestling career from 1999, he is perhaps one of the most talked about wrestlers of all time. He is also an American actor, who is probably more known for his wrestling skills.

6. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has recently earned much fame in the world due to his retirement news. Anyway, he is actually a very skilled wrestler who is known for his looks and sexy hair. He is quite admired in the wrestling field.

5. Triple H

Triple H is undoubtedly one of the greatest ever names in the wrestling World. Apart from Wrestling, Triple H is a business executive and an actor. If you are interested in wrestling, it is almost impossible that you never heard about Triple H.

4. Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar’s comeback has made all the difference in the whole World wide entertainment. Known for his furious Wrestling, Brock Lesnar is really big name and it will take ages to take his name out of this list.

3. Shawn Michaels

Ahh! What a name! Shawn Michaels is a very sexy, and good-looking wrestlers who was equally appreciated for his Wrestling skills. He became the first person to win all the titles offered by WWE. This is probably the reason why Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest wresters of all time.

2. John Cena

Oh John Cena is a beauty. One of the least hated WWE gentlemen who is rightly considered as one of the biggest names in WWE. Be it Popularity, fame or skills, John Cena shines in all.

1. Undertaker

Undertaker has been working as a wrestler since 1990, which makes him the oldest WWE star still signed. This makes him the greatest WWE star of all time. Also known for his unique entry and breath-taking skills, The Undertaker is something else.

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