10 Little Known Facts About The Mysterious Ouija Board That Will Amaze You

The word Ouija board was always taken as a negative force; the game which could look fun and harmless but could really be a portal to other dimensions had no real fun after effects. Thanks to many different renditions of its evil usages in contemporary movies and horror show this game board initially meant for family fun came to represent everything evil and satanic!

Ouija boards first became popular in markets way back in 1891 in the United States when calling the spirits of the family members, holding séances were common entertainment ideas of the Victorian times. WheeBuzz brings you 10 facts about the Ouija board

1. It was said to be so spooky as it named itself,855&quality=95&strip=all&crop=1

Yes, you read it right! This cannot get scarier than the fact that this board supposedly named itself! Elijah Bond and his sister in law Helen who were the first investors of this game wanted to give it a snazzy name but before they could do anything the planchette itself spelt out the word” Ouija “which means good luck…so ironic!

2. Its Investors got its  patent by a scary demonstration

The “spirit board” as it was popularly called during the Victorian times was getting hugely popular on both sides of the pond. Elijah and Helen decided to get a patent for their game board. Out of curiosity, they asked the board itself the name of the patent officer who would be doing the job and guess what the board actually spelt his name out!! Needless to say, the patent was granted to them in a matter of minutes and I am sure the officers never bothered them about it either.

3. NO ONE bothers to read the serious rules of the game

It’s a human tendency to NEVER read the fine prints of any product or documents they buy which was apparently a habit back then too. Clearly, this board came with its sets of dos and do not’s which was really important set of rules as ignoring them could really mean serious paranormal consequences for the users but in the heat of excitement or out of plain curiosity hardly anyone bothered to read those and well…they learned their lesson the HARD way. Some very reasonable but ignored rules were such as NEVER to use the board alone, never ask when you are going to die and finally never EVER try to talk to GOD.

4. It was used as a Dating ploy since the 1890s

Weird as it may sound but it was another smart marketing gimmick which was employed by the manufacturers to boost the sales of the boards. With pretty illustrations of smart dressed young men and beautiful ladies holding hands and holding séances gave a romantic side to proverbial couples to spend time alone together. It worked well in the 1890s.

5. Exorcist the movie made everyone scared of Ouija boards

Well, all that twisted Victorian ideas of fun and family frolic, as well as romantic aspect of the spirit board, came to an end after the world famous movie “The Exorcist” was released in 1973. The hard-hitting depiction of a satanic possession of a 12-year-old girl while playing Ouija board scared the hell out of spectators all across the globe. So much so, that they the international sales of the board dipped alarmingly. At homes, people started burning the boards convinced that it was an evil portal to hell.

6. William Fuld and company met a disastrous ending

William Fuld’s company was the biggest the marketers and distributors of the spirit boards not only in America bit all across the globe especially in England. But he himself was addicted to the forecasts made by the board and it’s a rumor that the board itself caused his horrid death from a fatal fall from his 3 storey factory in Baltimore, as it asked him to “prepare himself for a big “business”. We all can now guess what that “big business actually meant for him.

7. A number of murders were attributed to the board

This incident would testify the deadly impact the game was having on the popular psyche all over the US, when in 2001 Brian Roach, who was also the former mayor of Oklahoma was killed by his own mother in law as she was advised by the board that he was a bad man, there were several other gruesome but similar murders all across the states with Ouija boards as the instigator.

8. The science behind the game is called the ideomotor effect

What was that really played behind the dark secrets of this game? Well, many experts call it ideomotor effect, which demonstrates itself in automatic writing, commanding pendulum or even the Ouija board, all of which can be connected to our subconscious behavior. It is in that state a person starts talking or writing or even moving the planchette board making it a supernatural phenomenon.

9. Its creator has an Ouija style tombstone

With all things said and done the original creators of this sensational spirit board, Elijah bond himself somehow got lost in annals of history was forgotten unceremoniously. But Historian Robert Murch erected a unique Ouija board style tombstone as a tribute for him in 2007 over his grave.

10. William Fuld’s deathbed declaration

Yes, it is very ominous coming from a man who made millions from the very sale of these boards as well lost his life too for the same reason. He must have realized the evil powers this board possessed and what havoc it can wreck in the hands of untrained and uneducated people who would just buy and use it for fun” He declared “NEVER to sell the Ouija board as his accident was believed to be caused by a spirit he summoned that morning.


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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