10 filthy Rich Stars Who Were Caught Red Handed Stealing

Kleptomania is the fancy term used by famous celebs and superstars when they are caught red handed whacking things off the shelves from any random department stores. When asked, they simply blame it on a thrill or a sense of adventure to it and not any sort of real malicious intentions. But this is highly debatable.  So, many Hollywood A-listers like Lindsay Lohan, Winona Ryder, even Britney spears have all served time in custody and community work as punishments, not to ignore the utter embarrassment and public ignominy which came along with it. But the million dolor question remains….why do they do it? Here are 10 celebrities caught stealing

1. Lindsay Lohan celebrities caught stealing

Probably the most sorry case here is the extreme downfall of a Hollywood talent powerhouse right from the kiddy roles in Disney, then to land in smash hits like “Parent Trap” and the super hit “Mean Girls”, we all knew Lindsey was going places She sure did, but to the penitentiary instead. To say that she had a troubled teen life with drug abuse and series of abusive personal romantic relation would be an understatement .But she did reach the rock bottom in 2011, when charged with stealing a$2,500 worth gold necklace from a swanky California boutique. This finished her promising Hollywood career for good.

What made the matter worse were Lindsay’s own immature and hysterical responses to the charges. The actor claimed she was just “borrowing” the jewelry and would she would have returned. This is possible against tangible lieu of deposits and in legal coherence with “lending policies of the store IF there was any.

If that was not all, while shooting for Christian Dior’s £250,000 in 2009, the said jewelry went MISSING! Lohan was the prime suspect here as well. Heard by the magazine staffs’ time and again, she repeatedly asked if she could keep the jewelry after the photo shoot was over.

2. Britney Spears

The BIGGEST pop star who witnessed her meteoric rise in the world arena in 2007 also saw her worse and humiliating downfall and meltdowns, PUBLICALLY. She had her hair tonsured, had a lip-syncing debacle in FULL PUBLIC VIEW and went through torrid personal disasters, finally ending up in a mental rehab center.

It was precisely during this black patch of her life when she was tangled up in yet another legal imbroglio. She was caught red handed stealing a lighter from a gas station, which she fibbed up as a joke in front of the camera saying” I stole something. Oh my bad”. She obviously didn’t mend her ways, as she was again caught stealing a wig from a sex store as a revenge against a staff member who wouldn’t let her try on some underwear.

3. Megan Fox

Well, Megan Fox has a sob story of her own to justify her shoplifting habits, unlike her other peers. She can easily blame it on “rough childhood” and her parents getting divorced. She claims to be greatly bullied in school which she vented out in form of shop lifting, petty thefts all throughout her teenage years. Sure ways to justify your crime by calling it a teen “angst”.

It started small, for Megan as she began stealing candies from gas stations and convenience stores, which she luckily escaped or wasn’t pressed charges against. But her luck ran out when she was arrested while stealing a lip-gloss from Walmart. Once caught she came clean and burst in to tears, but to no avail as she is STILL banned from entering any Walmart store.

4. Amanda Bynes celebrities caught stealing!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/bynes10f-2-web.jpg

She was probably the biggest child icon during her early stints with Nickelodeon in 2000s.Her shows were an instant hit and at 10 she was a superstar at her own right! But that’s how far the story goes as it takes a rather Nasty nose dive from there. She suffered from drug addiction, arrested couple of time for drunken driving, and the icing on the cake! She was captured on a video, shoplifting a $200 hat in 2014.

What really happened was that she took the hat from New York’s famous store, Barney’s and was caught by the camera leaving the store without paying for it, when questioned by authorities she said she wanted to pay for it but left her purse in the car, which was a complete balderdash. Pity to see yet another talent house completely wasted so young.

5. Winona Ryder celebrities caught stealing!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/crime-ryder.jpg

This was perhaps the most shocking and the earliest episode in which a famous and successful actress was caught shoplifting. Winona Ryder was already a 90s heartthrob and had a great Hollywood presence as well. But bizarrely, she was arrested for stealing $5,500 worth of clothes from a famous New York store Sakes. During her trial she was blamed for taking drugs without prescriptions and was charged with grand theft and vandalism, which meant a huge blow for her acting reputation.

She was sentenced to 3 years probation, coupled with 480 hours of community service and had to pay a whopping fine of$6,335 as compensations to Saks. Too rub salt on the wound she was ordered by the court to attend compulsory counseling sessions. It was during these sessions it was discovered she was suffering from bouts of depression and was under influence of drugs.

6. Kesha celebrities caught stealing–kesha-body-body-glitter.jpg

This shoplifting by a celeb comes up as equally demented as well as laughable. 2015, singing sensation Kesha allegedly stole a “3 Foot long T-Rex dinosaur! Yeah you read that right. They picked up their contraband from LA Natural History Museum, where she was attending a wedding, and went to the gift store with her assistant, took the dinosaur and simply left!

A source revealed to the SUN magazine, when Kesha was stopped by security and was questioned for her actions, she apologized and handed over the dinosaur to them .But the damage was done already as the T-Rex was covered with glitters and was obviously un-sellable for the store.

7. Courtney Love celebrities caught stealing–courtney-love-s-courtney-love-costume.jpg

Courtney Love was always famous for all the wrong reasons and she apparently enjoyed the attentions. Widow to the legendary Rock Star Kurt Cobain and a musician herself, she was more in the news for stealing high end designer items. She once stole $113,700 worth of jewelry including white gold bracelets, diamonds and white gold chains. The Jewelry Company, namely Jacob and Co. claimed they had lent her the items for an event.

In their elaborate lawsuit, they clearly mentioned that Courtney returned the diamond bracelets ONLY and kept rest of it all to herself. Courtney vehemently claimed those jewelry pieces were lost but the company still insists she has them.

8. Big Sean celebrities caught stealing

Talk about an engagement gone sour! Rapper Big Sean was engaged with the Glee star Naya Rivera in a tumultuous relation. Eventually Big Sean called off the engagement, but was soon accused by Naya over twitter that he stole a Rolex from her house! Needless to say Big Sean denied those insulting charges.

According to his side of story, he clearly stated” First of all why would I steal a Rolex? Secondly, every Rolex I own, I have the corresponding receipts, papers and certificates of authenticities for it” .Amazingly enough Naya’s tweet was deleted in 20 seconds after his statement was out, as told to US Weekly by Big Sean.

9. Peaches Geldof celebrities caught stealing

Daughter of famous British musician Bob Geldof, known as Peaches Geldof also enjoyed a wild reputation in her lifetime. Although she passed away at a young age of 25, she was once caught stealing from a cosmetic store.

In fact, she was even caught leaving designer stores wearing costly merchandises with their labels and price tag still on! She was a repeat offender of stealing items from photo shoots as well.

10. Lainie Kazan celebrities caught stealing

Among celebrities caught stealing, seems like shoplifting is a fad not for young and bratty but also for the old and batty! 77 years old Lainie Kazan was arrested for stealing $180 worth groceries from a supermarket, but was released. While the supermarket confirms the shoplifting her lawyers denied the charges completely.

According to Kazan’s lawyer Mark Werksman’s statement to E! Lainie NEVER shoplifted; in fact it was all just a big misunderstanding as the staff didn’t give her enough time to pay up before they actually accused her of theft!


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